Sunday, June 7, 2009

Little Kicks!!

Baby Ingram has been movin' and shakin' in there a lot today!!  When I was lying in bed this morning I felt her roll around!  It felt so funny!  Then, later this afternoon I was lying down reading a book and I kept feeling the same little kick in the same spot.  I put my hand down on my tummy very lightly and felt it with my hand.  Figuring she was on a roll I called out to Trey who was in the other room and asked him if he wanted to feel the baby kick.  He said, "What?!!", ran into the room, and put his hand in the same spot.  Low and behold, she gave another little kick for her Daddy!  It was so special for him to feel it for the first time.    
She kept at it for quite a while and one time she kicked so hard that I actually was able to see it! Aunt Megan was here, too, and felt it quite a few times!  
It's really amazing that we have felt her this early in the pregnancy...I think I'm in for it for the rest of the pregnancy if she's already this strong!  I love it though-what a blessing.
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  1. Kelli, I am so happy for you and trey. I started a blog a few weeks ago and I just put your blush and bashful button on it! I hope you are doing great. Keep posting updates so that you will be able to offer some insight into the experience. BTW- Your little girl is going to be the most stylist one I know (don't tell anyone:) Maybe we can plan a time to have you guys and jess and benjamin over for dinner again. We moved in January to Ballentine. Hope all is well. (


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