Saturday, June 20, 2009

More dresses

Here is my frugal find!  I bought this Feltman Brothers dress for $20 at a consignment store!!  It retails in the $60 area, so I felt like I had found a treasure!  I don't think it's ever been worn!
I just love these kind of dresses because they are so classic and can be passed down from generation to generation.  I wore a Feltman Brothers dress home from the hospital when I was born, but unfortunately, my mom can't find it.  I have a lot of girl cousins and all of our things were passed down, so it probably got lost somewhere in the mix. :(

My moma sent me this next dress in the mail!  The smocking is so beautiful, and it's probably something I couldn't or wouldn't have the patience to do myself.

Moma sent me these little bloomers, too!  The funny thing about these is that Megan and I actually wore these as our underwear until we were about ten years old!  Ha!  Moma said that they just looked so much cuter than the cotton undies with Disney characters on them (I agree) and that they held up so much better in the wash.  

This is a picture of one of the dresses I smocked a while back.  Baby Ingram won't get to wear it until she gets a little older, but I'm glad to have this for her when the time comes.

I'm beginning to embrace the girlyness of having a little girl!  We'll see on Monday for SURE that it is, indeed, a little girl!  19 week pictures coming!
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