Thursday, June 4, 2009

More pics!

Okay, two posts in one day- wow!  But I have a lot to catch up on!

When we had our ultrasound last week the tech turned on the 4D capability on the ultrasound machine!  She says she just likes to see it- and so do we!!  Our little girl needs to put on a little baby fat, but I'm sure she'll get there eventually.  Um, considering her father was a whopping 11 lbs., 8 oz. !  Yeah, I know, scary.

I love this picture because it makes her seem so much more real!  I mean, she has elbows!  She's just sittin' back relaxin'! 

Next is a picture of "the bump" at 14 weeks!  This is around the time (May 19th to be exact) when I felt my first kicks/flutters!  I kind of think that I felt them before then, but I was SURE of what those feelings were this particular time!  There were three little thumps right in a row in the same spot!  It was so neat.  Since then I have been feeling our little one fluttering around in there a lot more!    

Next is Daddy-to-be with his Baby Bjorn.  I gave him this for our anniversary!  He says that he's going to hold her ALL THE TIME when she gets here, so I thought this would be useful for him when we go places.  She already has him wrapped around her little finger...I guess I'll have to be the one with the iron fist in this family! :)

Our first little baby girl is going to be in shock when this baby gets here...poor thing.  She won't be the queen bee anymore, but she'll still be pretty darn special!

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