Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My little purchase

Last week my friend and neighbor, Rhem, and I went out to lunch at Jason's Deli (they have the BEST salad bar), and before heading home she took me to her mom's store, The Grey Goose!  It's located on Augusta Rd. and has the most precious children and baby clothes!  I just had to spoil myself and buy a little something for Baby Ingram.  I found this little sleeper called a Paty gown, and apparently they are very popular with moms.  They're so soft, and come in light pink, light blue and white.  I do like the color pink, but I'm just not a very "pink person".  This gown does have a little on it though.  I love to find girl things in blue, green, and yellow.  

On another note, Trey and I did a little registering last night!  We went out to eat with some friends and were really close to the Babies R Us, so we decided to go in and peruse.  We thought since we were together that we could just go ahead and begin our registry and put some things on there that I know right now that we'll want.  There are many other things that I have yet to make a decision on, so we'll have to wait on those things.  I mean, I'm like the most indecisive person ever...wait, scratch that, my best friend, Jessica might be worse than me!  We're always needing each other's opinion on things ranging from "big deal" things to "ridiculously not a big deal, but we've made it into a big deal and can't help it" things.  She really helps me a lot with making decisions.  Others can usually see things more clearly and be more rational!  My sister helps me a lot in this area, too.  These pregnancy hormones make my decision making skills even worse!  Needless to say, I have a hard time picking out baby stuff.  I'm trying to not let it stress me out and just enjoy it!  

Question for new or expectant mothers:
What kind of bottles should I use?  I plan to nurse Baby Ingram, but I also want to pump and need to know what kind of bottles I should get.  I found a kind call Prince Lionheart that had good reviews, and I've used Avent bottles when I was a nanny, and then ofcourse, everyone likes the Dr. Brown bottles.  The only thing about those are all the parts to clean.  I would appreciate any kind of advice!  I'm looking for something good and simple!  Thanks!
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  1. Hi-I just randomly came across your blog via SugarLump and saw your picture with Kennerly! My husband and Will went to law school together and we also live in Greenville.

    Anyway, about your bottle question, I have an 8 month old and we use Avent. I tried Dr. Brown's but like you said, too many parts to wash! Avent's are simple and my son took to them well after nursing. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy!!

  2. The bottle I recommend is the "Breastflow" by the First Years. They didn't have these when I had Allie- I had a tough time getting her to enjoy taking a bottle- These bottles are perfect for the nursing mother~ they are the closest thing to the real thing!! I have recommended them to other nursing moms and they've liked them too!! Emma really enjoys these bottles and never refususes them- like she did with other brands (Playtex dropins & Dr.Brown's) GOOD LUCK ~HOLLY

  3. I've decided to use Dr. Browns I read a lot about them even though the parts might be hard to clean at times I like what they have to offer. Ps- I've loved following your blog!!


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