Friday, July 31, 2009

Megan Lael and the name game

Before too much time goes by I figured I needed to let anyone who reads this blog know that we have kind of had a change of heart with what we're going to call our little girl.  It's not too much of a change though because we are still naming her Megan Lael, but we have decided to drop "Mae".  We both got into the habit of calling her Megan Lael, so we just decided to leave it at that.  We're leaning toward just calling her Lael though.  We may not know for sure what she'll be called until she gets here, but we do know for sure what we'll be writing on her birth certificate and that's all that matters at this point!  :)
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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

24 Weeks and counting! Taken 7/26/09

Megan took some family pictures for us!

Here we are posing for a cheesy couple pregnancy picture...

But as you can see we could barely even look at each other without cracking up! :)
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Greenville Drive!

On Saturday night we enjoyed a good some good 'ole fashion fun at the Greenville Drive game!  Nothing like a foot long hot dog and roasted peanuts!!  It was a great time!  (oh yeah, and the Drive won!)

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Monday, July 20, 2009

Happy Birthday to Will and Kennerly!

Last night we had tacos and chocolate cake in celebration of our friends' birthdays!  Will's birthday was yesterday and Kennerly's is today!  How neat!  I had to post this picture because Will looks so funny in it...he was actually taking a big breath to blow out the candles and as soon as I took this picture the fire was GONE!   He took them all out in one breath and Kennerly didn't get to blow out a single one!  

Cake courtesy of me (and Duncan Hines!)

Will got a new game of Monopoly that comes with debit cards instead of paper money.  It was really fun, but it took forever for us to get a winner.

Kennerly and me- both in our 24th week of pregnancy!  Will and Trey (our attorneys) will be drafting some legal documents pretty soon for the arranged marriage of Baby Ingram and Baby Jordan. :)
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What I'm reading these days

I've spent a good bit of time relaxing in the midst of my nursery planning and housekeeping.  I really do enjoy a good book, but sometimes have a hard time motivating myself to go pick one up and start reading.  It's kind of like running though- when you're doing it you realize how much you love it.  I saw a preview for a movie coming out - "The Time Traveler's Wife" when I went to see the movie, "My Sister's Keeper" (don't even get me started on that movie...I finished the book by Jodi Piccoult in order to go see the movie and the endings are COMPLETELY different... frustrates me!  Plus, it was like, the most depressing movie ever made.)  Anyway, I went out and bought the The Time Traveler's Wife, and I've really enjoyed it!  It's a bit confusing because the dude is jumping backward and forward in time, but it keeps you on your toes.  I can't wait to see the movie-- I just love Rachel McAdams!  Go pick up this book if you're looking for a good summer or beach read!

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Sunday, July 19, 2009

The nursery is coming together!

I received a half yard of my fabric last week in the mail, and here it is--straight from Japan!  This is what we're using for the bumper pads!  I never thought that I would do a themed nursery, but as soon as I found this fabric online my mind flooded with all of the possibilities for this room.  I love dolls--dolls were always a big part of my childhood.  A new doll was always at the top of my Christmas list up until about the age of 10, and even after that I still had an interest in collector's dolls.  I have quite the collection of Madame Alexander dolls.
 ***quick side note and story about these dolls***  My family moved into a different house when I was in high school, and my sister, Megan, was in middle school.  She had packed some of her Madame Alexander dolls in a cardboard box and labeled the box  "Mada Malic Zander Dolls"-- haha!!!  I guess we had said it so fast for so long as little girls that she never really learned the correct spelling...what a goof! :) I love ya, Meg!

Anyway!!  Back to my love for dolls!  My Memama began making porcelain dolls and made one for each of the grand-girls one Christmas (mine has red hair--how ironic!), and then she enrolled us into a little "make your own doll" camp so that we could make one for ourselves!  After mine was finished she entered it into a doll making contest and I won first place!  

I have continued my love for dolls through the years by collecting a doll from every country that I visit.  So far I have one from Hungary, Romania, Thailand, and China!  My mom has some neat ones from Germany that she gave me, too.  I am going to display them, along with a few Madame Alexander ones in Megan Lael's nursery.  Hopefully she will enjoy countless hours of playing with dolls as much as I did through the years!  

The blue fabric is what we're using for the skirt and bow ties.  Brooke and I made the trek up to Mary Jo's fabric store to find that fabric!

Trey and I made a couple more nursery purchases yesterday!  We decided to buy the changing table that goes with our crib and dresser set--we figured, what the heck?  I had an extra wall that I didn't know what to do with, and it would be near impossible to find another piece of furniture that would match the wood in our crib.  You can always use more space and drawers, right?!
We also purchased our rocker!  It's comfy and contemporary, matches the green in our bedding, you can lay your head back, the wood is actually almost a dead ringer match to the wood in our crib, it has a great rocking motion, and a great ottoman to prop your feet on!

Here's Trey putting together the table

Our good friend Todd (his wife, Sarah, wasn't with him this time) was coming through on his way to Atlanta, so he spent the night with us last night.  He didn't know that he was going to get roped into putting together baby furniture!  Thanks, Todd!  He made it even more fun!

This is Trey getting really impatient with the drawer

Todd putting together our rocker

The rocker

The table all put together and in its place!

We've still got a ways to go, but it's getting there! 
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23 weeks! Taken 7/16/09

How far along?   23 weeks and 1 day
Total weight gain/loss:  Gained about 8 or 9 lbs.  
Maternity clothes?  Wearin' em and lovin' em!  The waistband on some of my favorite capris is getting a little tight though, and I have to keep pulling them up because they fall down! 
Stretch marks?   zero
Sleep:   I wake up quite a few times at night, which is annoying, but it's okay.
Best moment this week:   I actually had two people  (strangers) ask me how far along I was!  I guess I'm getting big enough for people to assume there's a baby in there!
Movement:   Oh yeah!  I think she must have flipped over though because the kicks are in a different spot now.  Her feet are still on the same side of my belly, but she is now practicing her karate moves on my internal organs--fun times! :)  She is getting strong!
Cravings:  Nah
Gender:   Girl!
Labor Signs:  None, but I have been having braxton hicks contractions.  I had my first one at 21 weeks.  They're pretty uncomfortable.  I went to the doctor this week to get checked out and they said that everything looked good.  
Belly Button in or out?  Still in, but I can see the bottom of it!  
What I miss:   Sushi and beer
What I am looking forward to:   Another u/s on July 27th!  I also have my glucose test that day.
Weekly Wisdom:   I feel so blessed to be a woman, so that I can experience the joy of having another life inside of me.  It's so surreal.  I can't even begin to imagine what it will be like to hold this child in my arms for the first time.  I thank God daily for His blessings.
Milestones:  The 14th of July marked exactly 4 months until she arrives!
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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

22 weeks- taken on 7/10/09

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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Evening with some family

On Sunday night Daddy, Moma, Megan, and I went up to Charlotte to visit my Memama and Pop and to celebrate our cousin's birthday.  Trey had to get back to Greenville, so he didn't go. We got to see a lot of the family, and had a great time.  I'm so looking forward to all of these special people meeting our little girl.

Some of the girl cousins (can you tell girls run in our family?)

The beautiful blondes

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21 Weeks--taken 7/3/09

21 weeks and feelin' great!

Both of my Megan's together!

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Picnic at the park

Last Thursday night Trey and I had a picnic at Falls Park with Matt and Molly!  We celebrated their news that they are having a little GIRL!  We are so excited that our little girls will grow up together.  Her name will be Lillian Belle-- very southern and very beautiful.  
I made baked spaghetti for the very first time and we toasted (with white grape juice, ofcourse) to our little girls!  It was such a nice night.

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Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Beginnings of the Nursery

Like I said before, we already have our furniture up and ready, but I just wanted to post some pictures we took when we were putting it together.  We got our crib and dresser/changing table around the 12 week mark.  I had looked all over the internet for an idea of what I might like, but I kept coming back to this crib and dresser.  Turns out it was being discontinued, and I felt like we needed to go ahead and get it before they were all gone!  I knew that this was the crib I wanted for either a boy or a girl, so we ordered it!  I am so pleased with it!  And now that I have picked out my bedding fabric I am even more thrilled with how well it's going to match!  My friend, Brooke, is going to make our bedding for us, and seeing how well she did with Courtney's I'm sure it's going to look lovely!

Here's Trey opening the box- exciting!

Yeah, I don't know.

End view

Here I am with the crib in my bella band days.  Don't wear this thing anymore.  It was great for the first maybe 14 weeks and then I realized how much more comfortable maternity pants are!

Here she is!  EXACTLY what I wanted- simple, classic, but with a modern twist.  I love the color of the wood, too.  You really have to see it in person to appreciate it.  We need a mattress now!  This is not where it will go, but it was the only place it would fit in the room right now.

This baby gurl's world is about to get rocked!

Here's the dresser/changing table with the pad "GramPatti" (my mom) got for us.  There is so much room in this thing for all sorts of stuff.  I love the cubby holes.  I'm going to get some cute baskets to put in them.

This room has a LONG way to go, but this is a start.  After we confirmed it was a girl last week I have finally felt comfortable moving forward with decor ideas.  Now that I've picked out the bedding fabric the fun can begin!

Since we moved into this house this room has been our guest room.  We'll be moving the bed out of the this room and into the office/sewing room.  I'm going to consolidate my sewing "stuff", so we can make a nice comfortable guest room for our visitors.  So...not only do I have to think about the baby's room, but I also really want to have the new guest room looking nice before the baby girl gets here.  My nesting instincts won't have it any other way!

I ordered some of the bedding fabric and I will post a picture of it when I receive it in the mail!

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