Friday, July 31, 2009

Megan Lael and the name game

Before too much time goes by I figured I needed to let anyone who reads this blog know that we have kind of had a change of heart with what we're going to call our little girl.  It's not too much of a change though because we are still naming her Megan Lael, but we have decided to drop "Mae".  We both got into the habit of calling her Megan Lael, so we just decided to leave it at that.  We're leaning toward just calling her Lael though.  We may not know for sure what she'll be called until she gets here, but we do know for sure what we'll be writing on her birth certificate and that's all that matters at this point!  :)
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  1. You look great in your pictures, Kelli! Hope you're feeling good! Praying for Megan Lael and hope I can see you soon!


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