Sunday, July 19, 2009

The nursery is coming together!

I received a half yard of my fabric last week in the mail, and here it is--straight from Japan!  This is what we're using for the bumper pads!  I never thought that I would do a themed nursery, but as soon as I found this fabric online my mind flooded with all of the possibilities for this room.  I love dolls--dolls were always a big part of my childhood.  A new doll was always at the top of my Christmas list up until about the age of 10, and even after that I still had an interest in collector's dolls.  I have quite the collection of Madame Alexander dolls.
 ***quick side note and story about these dolls***  My family moved into a different house when I was in high school, and my sister, Megan, was in middle school.  She had packed some of her Madame Alexander dolls in a cardboard box and labeled the box  "Mada Malic Zander Dolls"-- haha!!!  I guess we had said it so fast for so long as little girls that she never really learned the correct spelling...what a goof! :) I love ya, Meg!

Anyway!!  Back to my love for dolls!  My Memama began making porcelain dolls and made one for each of the grand-girls one Christmas (mine has red hair--how ironic!), and then she enrolled us into a little "make your own doll" camp so that we could make one for ourselves!  After mine was finished she entered it into a doll making contest and I won first place!  

I have continued my love for dolls through the years by collecting a doll from every country that I visit.  So far I have one from Hungary, Romania, Thailand, and China!  My mom has some neat ones from Germany that she gave me, too.  I am going to display them, along with a few Madame Alexander ones in Megan Lael's nursery.  Hopefully she will enjoy countless hours of playing with dolls as much as I did through the years!  

The blue fabric is what we're using for the skirt and bow ties.  Brooke and I made the trek up to Mary Jo's fabric store to find that fabric!

Trey and I made a couple more nursery purchases yesterday!  We decided to buy the changing table that goes with our crib and dresser set--we figured, what the heck?  I had an extra wall that I didn't know what to do with, and it would be near impossible to find another piece of furniture that would match the wood in our crib.  You can always use more space and drawers, right?!
We also purchased our rocker!  It's comfy and contemporary, matches the green in our bedding, you can lay your head back, the wood is actually almost a dead ringer match to the wood in our crib, it has a great rocking motion, and a great ottoman to prop your feet on!

Here's Trey putting together the table

Our good friend Todd (his wife, Sarah, wasn't with him this time) was coming through on his way to Atlanta, so he spent the night with us last night.  He didn't know that he was going to get roped into putting together baby furniture!  Thanks, Todd!  He made it even more fun!

This is Trey getting really impatient with the drawer

Todd putting together our rocker

The rocker

The table all put together and in its place!

We've still got a ways to go, but it's getting there! 
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