Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Happy Birthday to my baby's daddy!

Happy Birthday, Trey!  He turned 26 last Thursday, and we celebrated by going to dinner at Soby's!  Unfortunately, I wasn't feeling well, so I decided not to order anything, but I still had a good time.  Trey thoroughly enjoyed his meal and dessert!  
It seems like yesterday we were celebrating his 21st birthday together during our senior year of college.  We had just started dating and were about to become engaged!  I am humbled that God would give me such an incredible man to call "husband".  He is a man of God and I'm so thankful that he is the leader of our family.  Even more so now that we have a daughter on the way.  He has such a tender heart, a protective spirit, and a sweet sensitivity- I know that he and Megan Lael will have a special bond.  She will never doubt his love for her, and when it comes time to talk about important issues in a girl's life I know he will have an open heart and mind and know exactly what to say to her.  He is a great communicator, and that is an invaluable quality in a man.  He is humble, self-less, and never ceases to amaze me in the way he shows his love for me.   For sure, he is a rare gem!

We took our first bicycle carriage ride down main street.  It was such a nice night.  The poor guy looked like he was struggling going up those was probably my 15 extra lbs. :)

My aunt and uncle sent Trey a Daddy care package for his birthday- complete with Daddy hat, diaper changing gloves, diaper tongs, nose pincher, and goggles!  

I gave him (among other things) a super soft bib for Megan Lael.  As cheesy as it may be I just love anything that says, "I love Daddy" or "Daddy loves me", etc.  This little girl already has her Daddy wrapped around her little finger!

We got to celebrate with Moma and Daddy the night before Trey's actual birthday because he had to meet a client in Columbia.

Trey's parents and Grandma came on Sunday and took us out for a birthday lunch!
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