Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Baby Shower in Lexington, SC

Last Sunday, September 27, two of my best friends, Jessica and Jewitte, threw me a baby shower at Jewitte's house!  It was wonderful to see some friends that are so dear to me, but that I don't get to see very often.  Everyone was so generous.  Jess and Jewitte made everything so cute down to the smallest detail!

Here's the adorable invitation made by Jess at www.Sugarlumpstationery.com!  It matches my bedding and my theme for the nursery!

Jewitte, me, and Jess

Look at this cake!!!!!!  Stephanie is a master cake maker, and she so generously offered up her skills to make a cake for the shower!  Thank you so much, Stephanie!  I mean, it looks exactly like the dolls in my bedding!

Jess made some "sweet" sushi for me since I have missed it so much during my pregnancy!  How cute is that?  They are rice krispy treats with swedish fish on top!  The ones on the right are the same thing but just made into rolls!  Also, notice the pictures of Trey and me as babies, and then Megan Lael's u/s pic in the middle!

The spread :)

I love how they put pictures of me as a baby hanging on the mantle!

Here I am opening up my diaper bag!  I searched far and wide for the perfect bag to use as my diaper bag/purse.  Megan gave this to me, and I am SO excited about it.  It's called a Storksak.  It will be great for carrying around all things baby plus my things.  I can even fit my MacBook in it-- because you know I'm always hitting up super chic internet cafes and drinking $5.00 lattes... :)

Here's the smocking insert that Brooke made!  It will eventually go into a dress.  It has longhair dachshunds on it, and they look just like Winnie!   I love it!

Jess gave us a sweet children's Bible.

Moma gave us a pewter cup with Megan Lael's initials on it!  I love keepsakes like this.   I guess she's trying to make up for the fact that I never got one as a baby! Ha!  Just kiddin. :)

Look at this sweet little pillow case dress that Mary Catherine made!  It even has her initials on it!

Here's everyone playing the "guess which melted candy bar is in the diaper" game!

Had to post this pic-- look at Jess.  Haha!  She will always be a teacher at heart!

While I opened gifts we played a questionnaire game where everyone had to answer questions about me, Trey, and the pregnancy.  Those who read this blog got a lot of the questions right!  It was so funny to hear people's answers!  Brooke and Mary Catherine got the prizes for most questions right, and Miss Lula got a prize for getting the least number of questions right! Haha! :)

GramPatti, me, and Aunt Megan

Me and Marni--it's kind of hard to believe that she was my high school math teacher, and here she is at my baby shower!  She is such a good friend to me.

Me and Mary Catherine, and the cute handmade dolls that she made for Megan Lael!  

Me and Coach Canady (my high school cheerleading coach)-- another very special lady in my life.

Jewitte, Stephanie, me, Brooke, Jess, and Alyssa

Megan, me, and Shelley

Sarah, Mary Catherine, me, Brooke and Stephanie

What a beautiful day it was!

Here's all the great stuff we got!!  Unbelievable!

The piggy bank in this picture was made by Holly--she gave it to me at my Charleston shower and I failed to post a picture of it before now.  I just love how it matches the nursery and has Megan Lael's initials on it!  Check out her web site at www.alluringdesignsbyholly.com.  Moma gave me both the cup and brush with her initials on it, also.  The little rattle is from Jess and it says, "Megan Lael".  It has the sweetest little ring to it.  Thank you, Jess!!  I am so thankful for such special keepsakes.

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  1. Kelly - I stumbled across your blog from a friend, I am having a baby girl in Jan. and she said you an awesome nursery and to check the pics out - anyway I love your maternity dresses that you have been wearing. would you mind sharing where you found them? I have been looking and just can't find anything that cute! Thanks and good luck with everything!!

  2. Hi, Nicole! Congrats on your baby girl! I have gotten my dresses at Motherhood and Old Navy. You really just have to be picky what you choose because there are some things that are NOT flattering! Glad you checked out my blog--we're almost done with the nursery and when we are I'll post pictures!

  3. the teacher pic? seriously? :) sheesh.


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