Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Happenings in the lives of the Ingram's

Last week Daybreak Crisis Pregnancy Center had its annual fundraising banquet. My mom is the director, so we were excited to go and see all that she has been working so hard on. There was a huge turn out (almost 700 people)! The food was great, and the speakers even greater! The keynote speaker this year was Pam Tebow (Tim Tebow's mother), and she has a really neat testimony. When she was pregnant with Tim she and her husband lived in the Philippines as missionaries. She was recovering from amoebic dysentery (the leading cause of death in the Philippines) when she found out she was expecting. Doctors told her that she should abort because the pregnancy could be fatal for her and the baby. She chose life for her baby, and that baby grew up to be Tim! It was so neat to hear all the ways that God preserved Tim's life even in the womb.

Here's a picture of Megan and me with Pam!

Onto the next happening! Last Saturday night Trey and I made our very last trek up to Columbia before the baby is born to go to the State Fair! We have not missed a year since we met, so I'm so glad we could go this year! Of course, I had my list of food that I had to eat! On the list was: A HUGE corndog (which we shared), fried mushrooms, a cherry topped funnel cake, and a caramel/nut covered apple.

In this next picture I just wanted to capture the ridiculousness of my outfit. It was SO unseasonably cold that night, and I really don't have a maternity wardrobe for such low temperatures! I wore a long sleeved maternity shirt, a little hooded jogging coat (which I could barely zip), and a sleeveless sweater (also non-maternity). My heavy coats didn't fit, and I'm not even about to go out and buy a maternity coat.

Our traditional fair photo...we couldn't help but wonder what Megan Lael will think of the fair when we take her next year! :)

Here's Trey with our funnel cake!

We thought it would be fun to see if this dude could guess my correct weight...he was 30 lbs. too high! Sheesh, thanks, a lot! Needless to say, I won a prize!

This picture is for you, Steph! Remember Stephanie who made the amazing doll cake for my shower? Well, she entered this cake into the cake competition at the fair, and got first place!

Here I am on the ferris wheel with the stuffed toy I won for being 30 lbs. lighter than I apparently look! :)

Trey with the cow

...and me with the cow :)

Benjamin, Jessica, and Benson came up to Greenville today! Benjamin had some business here, so Jess and Benson came along! We went out to Smoke on the Water for dinner, and had a great time visiting. The next time I see Aunt Jess it will be for the delivery!! Can't believe it!

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  1. Kelli, great pics! I know you are getting so excited as Nov. 14 is fast approaching. Praying for you and can't wait to meet Megan Lael in a few short weeks!! :)

  2. I'm so jealous you got to go to the fair! Of course I'm not allowed to travel right around caramel apple, fried mushroom, fried snicker bar! You look great,and it sounds like you feel great too. Not much longer :o)

  3. Kelli- Thank you so much for stopping by to see the cake. That was so sweet of you to take a picture of it for your blog. I know you are getting anxious now for ML to arrive! Not much longer. You look great btw. My favorite picture by far was the one in your last entry with the pink shirt.


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