Monday, November 16, 2009

40 weeks! Our final picture!

How far along? 40 weeks and 2 days
Total weight gain/loss: 28 lbs.
Maternity clothes? Yes. I really have enjoyed wearing comfy maternity clothes. I think I might actually miss them! Elastic waste bands are awesome.
Stretch marks? none
Sleep: Sleep is interrupted quite frequently from back discomfort, bathroom breaks, and nose stuffiness. I have to use nose spray in order to sleep. The fall season always causes allergy issues for me, and then add to that the stuffiness that naturally comes along with pregnancy. One nostril will be clear and the other stuffy, and then they swap. UGH!! Drives me nuts! I figure it's only getting me ready to wake up to feed Megan Lael in the night.
Best moment this week: Last Friday when my wonderful , merciful doctor scheduled my induction for Wednesday. Bless her.
Movement: Lots of movement still. I've heard that movement sometimes slows down late in pregnancy, but not for this little one! Her body parts are becoming much more distinguishable, too. I can feel one knee and one elbow in particular.
Cravings: Not really. I haven't had that big of an appetite, and I do not feel like cooking.
Gender: Baby girl!
Labor Signs: Contractions all the time. There are also lots of other signs that labor is coming, but I will spare you all of the lovely details. :)
Belly Button in or out? Just flattened out.
What I miss: Sleeping on my stomach.
What I am looking forward to: Meeting my daughter face to face!
Weekly Wisdom: My life is about to drastically change. Wow. This time next week I will have a baby outside of my belly. Taking care of this baby girl is pretty easy right now. Meeting her needs is going become a bit more of a challenge in a few days!
This past weekend Trey and I went out to eat numerous times and saw a movie as our last hoorah. On Saturday (our due date) we blew the leaves in the front yard, and it is quite a chore around here. We have TONS of trees surrounding our house. On Sunday we went to the park and actually laid out to get some sun!
Milestones: Completing 40 weeks! As much as I wish she would have been born by now I am trying to see the good and not focus on the annoyances of still being pregnant. I am thankful that she will be completely full term, and that she will have had plenty of time to grow and develop the way her little body needs to. God's timing is always perfect, and I am finding comfort in that!
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  1. Are you sure you're not hiding a basketball under there? You look great! Good luck on Wednesday! I know you're beyond excited to hold and kiss all over that sweet little one!

  2. So excited for you Kelli! Can't wait to see pictures.

  3. Been keeping up with your blog, you look wonderful. How exciting to meet your little girl so soon! Good Luck on your delivery..i hope it goes smoothly!

  4. Good Luck Kelli!! I hope your induction is a smooth one!!!


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