Wednesday, November 25, 2009

As promised :)

Here are some more pictures of our time in the hospital and Lael's homecoming. Enjoy!

We tried putting one of her little bows in her hair, but there's not really enough hair on top to keep it in. I'm sure in no time we'll be able to!

There is nothing like waking up in the hospital to a brand new baby. Nothing.

Our good friends Will and Kennerly introduced little Sam into the world on Monday evening! Little did we know we would be joining them in the hospital in just a few hours!

Our rooms were even right next to each other! We always laughed about us possibly ending up in the hospital at the same time, but didn't really think it would happen! Here I am with Sam and Kennerly with Lael.

Brooke came to visit us in the hospital!

Matt and Molly came to see Lael! In this picture she was almost 39 weeks pregnant, and ended up having little Lillian just a few days later on the 20th!! Lael and Lillian are already BFF's. :)

Here we are putting on our going home gown. This child does not like to get dressed and undressed or have her diaper changed!

Here's the proof.

Me with my precious little angel.

Folks, this is a PROUD Daddy.

Gettin' in the car!

We're home! Momma and Megan made our homecoming so special with all of the decorations.
Our sweet neighbor, Rhem, put pink balloons on our street sign, too!

Here's your home, Lael!

Can you tell we are in love with this little baby?

Lael meets Winnie!

We took her back to show her her nursery, and rocked her in her chair. :)

She makes some funny little faces!

Rod and Jewitte came from Lexington on Friday evening just to see Lael! Rod's a natural. :)

Ryan and Sarah were in town, and got to stop by!

Here's Lael with Bryan. :)

All in all our hospital experience was great. I thought I would be so ready to come home after two nights, but I must admit that it's really nice to be served food, given meds, and given childcare by experienced nurses. Everyone at the hospital was so nice, and my nurses were wonderful. Our labor and delivery experience was so great, too. We had the nicest nurses and doctor cheering us on as Lael entered the world.

As we prepare for Thanksgiving tomorrow I can't help but think about our birth experience and how thankful I am that it ended up being so much better than I ever imagined. Most of all we are thankful for our little girl, and recognize that all good things come from the Lord. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family from the Ingram's!
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  1. I literally laughed out loud multiple times during this post...
    #1- Kell with Lael in her going home dress, screaming! I mean, her little face is PRICELESS--
    #2- The picture with Trey and Kelli kissing in the hospital with Lael in front of them-- Trey's hand is kinda randomly stuck in front of Lael's face-- it took me a minute to realize she was sucking on his finger---I'm guessing this was shortly after getting dressed to go home :)-- she's already got him wrapped :)
    #3- The one of Trey kissing her in the nursery-- Her face-- Hilarious! Like, "DAD!!!"
    #4- Rod holding Lael and your comment "Rod's a natural"-- I'll never forget his response to seeing you eight months preg-- " I Mean-- there's a PERSON in there!!? That's just weird."
    Love the post! Miss yall! Hope to see you again soon! Have a happy thanksgiving! There's SO MUCH to be thankful for!!!! PRAISE THE LORD!!

  2. Oh Kelly! What a beautiful gift from God! Little Lael is absolutely adorable and so very blessed to have such a precious family!
    So happy that your labor and delivery were uneventful!
    Would love to see your little bundle!
    Love you!

  3. Thought my last name was included.
    In case you're wopndering, this is from Tricia Thain!

  4. So exciting Kelli! I absolutely love your face in the picture with her screaming! Haha. Oh the joys and experiences to come! :) She's beautiful. Hope you are adjusting well.


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