Friday, November 6, 2009

Just waitin'

...and while I wait I figured I'd post some pics! I was in the nursery dusting and I heard Winnie scamper away. I turned around to find this little surprise on the carpet.

Oh, Winnie...your days as the only baby girl are numbered. I really believe she knows that something is going on and that there is a reason why we have paid so much extra attention to this room. This is the second time she has done this, and it's really out of character for her.

This has been my drink of choice...
I read that raspberry leaf tea can cause contractions, so that's what I've been sippin'. It's really good. :)

And just to make you smile- here are the rootie toots. Winnie is in the middle, Rosie (one of her puppies- my sister's dog) is on the left, and Cupid is my parents' dog on the right. We're keeping Rosie and Cupid this weekend. Aren't they a sight? :)
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1 comment:

  1. Haha! Lilly used to do that in Gracie's nursery before she was born. They totally "know" something is going on.


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