Sunday, November 29, 2009

Life with little Lael

Here are some more recent pictures of life with our little girl. We're having a ball with her!

Lael wearing my baby bonnet!

We got Lael all bundled up for her first walk at only a few days old!

Here's Megan and Momma with the lil' girl!

Daddy giving her her first bath at home.

Our neighbors, Rhem and Cally, came to see Lael.

Here's Nicole and Lael.

I love my Aunt Megan's kisses!

Here I am at 1 week old!

Pops and Lael, and a sweet little smile.

Finally, Lillian and Lael meet for the first time out of utero--born only 3 days apart! We had no idea they would be this close in age considering their due dates were 2 weeks apart. Such sweet girls!

Here are the proud dads--Trey with Lillian and Matt with Lael.

Both families together.

Lael with her buddy, Sam. These two are only 22 hours apart in age!

Sam knows a cutie when he sees one!

Here's Trey with Lael on our first trip to the mall! Megan and I were laughing hysterically, thus the look on Trey's face. We just get such a kick out of him--you can see him glowing as he strolls around that little girl. Full of Daddy pride! :)

Here we are about to go to Lael's first oyster roast at Rhem and Cally's house!
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