Wednesday, November 11, 2009

What color hair will Megan Lael have?

The votes for when Megan Lael will be born were:

23 people said she'd be late.

10 people said she'd be early.

4 people said she'd be born on her due date- November 14.

We'll see!

I have taken down that poll and put up a new one, so don't forget to vote! This time you can vote for what color hair you think Megan Lael will have! Keep in mind...

I was born with jet black hair.

...and Trey was born with bright red hair. This picture was taken days after he was born...yes, he was HUGE-- 11 lbs. 8 oz. at birth. I have been assured that Megan Lael will not be that big. Whew!

For even more clues/information:
-Trey's mom and dad both have brown hair
-Trey's brother has red hair
-Trey's sister and her husband both have brown hair and they have a RED headed daughter!

-My mom has black hair; my dad has brown hair
-My sister has blonde hair (and it's natural!)

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