Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Lael's first Thanksgiving

This year we went to Waxhaw, NC to have Thanksgiving at my aunt and uncle's house. We had never celebrated this holiday with them, and we had such a wonderful time! It was so sweet to be able to bring our brand new little girl to share with everyone!

The cousins with Lael

Thomas, Elizabeth, and Emily with Lael

I can't believe little Emily is holding my baby! I remember holding her when she was Lael's age!

Here's my Memama meeting Lael!

Four generations--what a special photo!

Thomas (my youngest cousin)

My Uncle Steve with Lael-- with four children of his own he is quite a pro!

Memama and Aunt Peggy

Our Thanksgiving picture

On Thursday night we headed on over to Rock Hill to Trey's parents' house to spend the night and hang out with them on Friday.

This Thanksgiving we were most thankful for this little face.

Lael meets Aunt Terri

Uncle Jonathan and Aunt Ashley with Lael

Lael meets her cousin, Haley (Jonathan and Ashley's little girl)

Lael meets Uncle Mike

Lael with Pops and Mimi

So much to thank the Lord for!
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  1. I love seeing your pictures. I especially like seeing both sides of the family. How special. You are doing a great job as parents.


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