Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Lael's first plane ride!

Lael went on her very first plane ride this past Saturday, and was such a trooper! GramPatti and I decided we wanted to fly to Orlando to see my Aunt Nancy, Uncle Robb, and cousins Annalee and Brady since they didn't get to see Lael at Christmas. Aunt Nancy was more than willing to fly up to see us, but we wanted to take the opportunity to be in warm, sunny Florida! The weather was beautiful!

Here's GramPatti right after we found out that we would have to sit in the Greenville airport for about six hours because our plane had a malfunction! Fun! Trey had already dropped us off and was on his way to Charlotte for a meeting, so we had no choice but to just sweat it out. GramPatti, of course was thankful to have the baby girl all to herself for the day. :)

Finally on the plane...sleeping on GramPatti's lap!

Here we are in sunny Florida with Aunt Nancy!

Cousin Brady and Lael

Cousin Annalee and Lael

We brought Brady this shirt! Ha!

Baby girl getting a bath after sweatin' in the hot sun that day.

Aunt Nancy and Uncle Robb

Just doin' a little snoozin'

An angel on the plane ride back!


Here are a couple cute pics from a couple weeks ago!

Lael went on her first trip to Shealy's! Bryan had his first trip, too!

Sam and Lael all bundled up for a walk!
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