Thursday, February 11, 2010

My first birthday as a mommy!

Lael and me with my traditional Devil's Food cake that my mom has been making for me since I turned one!

Celebrating my first birthday as a mom--kind of surreal!

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  1. Happy, happy birthday - hope it's wonderful! Love those orange roses and, of course, your adorable little girl. Don't babies just change everything?!

  2. Happy Birthday Kelly! Ive been following your blog and Lael is precious! Hope you are doing well. I am still doing realestate in Lexington at Wood Realty. I love it and have done pretty well but with the economy.....I might have to start doing something else! too much time on my hands!! haha My baby is 18 and in college - talk about CRAZY!! Jessica my oldest is a teacher and her boyfriend of 3 years is looking for work in Greenville or whereever if you know of anything. He is a business major and WONDERFUL!!
    They want to get married if he ever finds a job...
    Im sorry sucha long comment! Baby Lael is Beautiful...enjoy every moment!!!


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