Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Bjorn

Little Miss Particular finally likes her Baby Bjorn. I love the whole "baby wearing" thing, but unfortunately my little bundle never liked the sling or the Bjorn. She despised being faced in. About a month ago I took her in the mall in her Bjorn facing outward. She cried. Through the entire mall. I sheepishly smiled at all the pleasant shoppers while I frantically tried to put a cork pacifier in it. It didn't work. We left.

Now, let me share a tidbit about the oh so popular sling. A friend of mine gave me her Hotsling (thank you, Holly!) and I tried wearing it around the house one day when Lael was fussy to see if it would help her to be snuggled up close to me. Nope. She wouldn't have it. It was killing my back anyway, and so I took her out of it. Then I got to thinking.
After nearly 9 months of a weak and achy back I had finally gotten relief after shedding Why on earth would I strap her to my belly?! Now, don't get me wrong. I love holding, hugging and snuggling her but I was just ready to have her
not attached to my body.
Maybe I feel this way because Lael hated it.
If you don't share my sentiments it's probably because your baby loves the sling.
But I'm not bitter about that or anything. :)

Ahem...back to the Baby Bjorn.
These days she has decided that she loves it! She kicks, flaps her arms, and drools all the over the front of it!
This makes me a happy momma.
So, now that my back has regained its strength and Little Miss Particular is a little more tolerant I get to wear my baby.
And her Daddy does, too!

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  1. I, unfortunately, bought a Hotsling when Gracie was born...$60 of pure, unadulterated hatred. I didn't even attempt it with Jack! She is just so sweet, Kelli! So glad you finally get to wear her :o)

  2. What a sweet smile in that last picture - she looks like she's doing a little curtsy with her arms up like that! I have a Moby wrap (never quite got the hang of that) and a Bjorn, which Mac loves. Maybe a future baby will appreciate the Moby? Glad y'all get to tote her around!


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