Sunday, April 25, 2010

A day at the beach (well...actually a week)

We spent a week with Katie and Mary Katherine on Kiawah Island! Let me just tell you, the beach experience is just not the same. Katie and I used to spend hours out on the beach taking long, deep breaths of salty air, soaking up the rays and discussing deep topics.
This year I spent most of my time stressing over putting enough sunscreen on my baby,
and Katie spent hers trying to convince MK not to throw sand.
You get the picture.
Nevertheless, we had a ball with our girls!.....

Even though it took us an hour to pack and get out on the beach.

And once we got out there they cried.

And then it was time to eat again.

And then Lael pooped and her diaper leaked.

Okay, I'm done...seriously, we did have a great time. :)

MK loves her baby Lael

Aunt Megan joined us for a couple of days!

The child is beautiful.

We also got to see my friend, Holly and her two pretty girls, Emma and Alli.
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