Thursday, May 20, 2010

Ch Ch Ch Changes...

New and exciting things are going on in the Ingram household. First things first...

the girl is sitting up!

I have to be right there with her when she is sitting though because in an instant she will face plant.

If I could put her in bowl, I would eat her up with a spoon. She's "presh" as we would say 'round here. Her aunt Megan and I invented this word. Well, maybe we didn't...maybe you use it, too. Or maybe you don't and you totally don't get it. It's okay. Either way, we think it sums up this girl.

Second on the list...

We have one little tooth poking through, and I must say (from experience) that it's a sharp little booger! I have to brag on our girl a bit and tell you that she doesn't seem to be bothered by it very much.
To that, you experienced mothers are probably mumbling to yourselves,

"Yeah, just wait until the molars come in."

And wait we shall. For now though we'll just enjoy our one little painless tooth. :)

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  1. i think "presh" is the perfect word to describe the lil punkin... can't wait to get to see yall this weekend!!!

  2. She seems just like the perfect little baby!! I think she's just so beautiful! :)

  3. i love saying "presh" too! :)


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