Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Child of the Covenant

On Sunday, May 2, Lael was baptized at Downtown Presbyterian Church.

"Megan Lael Ingram, Child of the Covenant."
Rev. Brian Habig and Mark Bakker officiated.

This dress was worn by me and my sister, Megan, for our baptisms.

Lael wore the cross necklace that I wore as a little girl.

What a special day it was for our family! We baptized Lael and professed our recognition that she is a gift from the Lord entrusted to us, vowing to place her in His hands and teach her about Jesus and His love for her.

A tidbit about infant baptism--

We are members of a PCA church (Presbyterian Church in America) and, as such, it is our practice to baptize our children. Now, we also baptize adults, but those are more infrequent because most of our congregation were already baptized (either as infants/children or just prior to joining our church).

Baptism is one of the two sacraments established by Jesus in the New Testament (the other being Communion). Infant baptisms at our church are slightly different from adult baptisms because the water is sprinkled over their heads as opposed to being poured out (literally... from a pitcher, poured out) over adult heads. Baptism does not "save" our child and it obviously does not bear any reflection on her own faith or beliefs or choices. Rather, it is a sign or symbol of what God does for us: he gives salvation freely, not based on our own merit but on his Love, Mercy and Grace. Baptism is also a seal over our child, signifying her place in our church family (it admits her as a member into our church) and proclaims God's covenant blessings for her while she is in our household.

We baptize our child because we believe Jesus bore our sins on himself and credited to us His Righteousness and we trust our child to Him recognizing she has the same need for Him as we do, even now though she is but an infant. We believe and pray that when she is older and God gives her wisdom to understand these things that He will also give her faith that she will trust in Jesus for her salvation as we do now.

Our pastor recently gave a magnificent sermon on baptism. It's a great general summary of a very broad and multi-faceted topic. If you so desire, you can check it out here.

And because I obviously just can't get enough of "comparison pictures"...

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