Sunday, May 16, 2010

I like to eat, eat, eat avocados and bananas!

One of my goals last week was to start Lael on some solids other than our beloved fruit and rice cereal mixture.

First on the menu: Avocados and bananas. Yes, you heard right. I took one half of an avocado, and one half of a banana, threw them in my baby food puree(er) and whipped up this pretty little entree. It actually tastes really good. She ate the whole bowl! She was a fan.

Next on the menu: Butternut squash. I peeled one butternut squash, cut it up into pieces, boiled it for 12 minutes, and pureed it.

This, however, did not go over very well. I'm gonna cook some sweet potatoes to mix in it to see if she'll like it better. Here's hoping!

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  1. Try serving vegies first and then fruit.

    Cynthia Pierce

  2. Sweet potatoes were a success for our twins. Have fun with the's an adventure! :)
    -Kathy H.

  3. What a sad little face! It's amazing how the smallest things seem to just break their little hearts.

  4. such a sweetie pie :) Avocado and Banana was a staple for Benson-- your rendition of it looks luscious! Like some kind of mousse or something :) it took him a few times to actually like the butternut squash, but that ended up being a fav as well. I'm so impressed that you're making all of her food. She's got a great mama! :)


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