Wednesday, May 26, 2010

next on the menu

I bought a bag of frozen, young, green peas, put some in the puree(er) along with a little water and...
Easy Peasy

The peas were a semi-success. At least she didn't cry. She finished up the little bowl, but not without trying to turn around to look at absolutely nothing, leaning over, spitting, and stuffing her fist into her mouth. Nice.

Moms, have you noticed that peas kind of um, stink?? After I feed them to her I have to make sure I wipe her really well 'cause the aftermath has a funk.
Ahem, and the aftermath the next day...well, that has a funk, too. 'Nough said.

I was convinced that this Ingram favorite would be a hit.
It was not.
We love sweet potatoes. I love to cut them up like french fries and bake them in the oven.
For Lael I just boiled some chunks, pureed them along with some water, and...


I guess this picture says it all. I was baffled by this reaction to such a yummy baby food classic.
We'll just keep trying though!
Have you noticed that she hasn't been smiling in any of the "first foods" pictures?? Yeah, that pretty much sums it up.
At least she likes her rice cereal and fruit.

Nevertheless, it's been so fun to watch her taste these new foods! Even when she's spitting her food in my face, she's still presh. :)

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  1. LOL-- yes, peas do have a funk.. even past babyfood, they are funky... Benjamin kindly offered to do the dishes last night, so I quickly emptied the fridge of all of the half eaten left overs we had tucked away in there (gotta get as much mileage as I can out of an offer to do the dishes!) One of the containers had some left over lesuer peas in it... He opened it up and just about threw up.. he was like, "WHEN are these FROM?!" Last thursday. Not even a week- so it was apparently inherit funk, not "hidden in the fridge and forgotten about" funk.
    He told me he's not doing the dishes any more if I don't dump the contents of the dishes first. Fair enough :)
    She's adorable, even through the funk. :)

  2. hi! i stumbled across your blog...friend of a friend of a friend, you know, blog surfing, and i LOVE IT!!! you are right, even with funny faces and food everywhere, your daughter is a beauty! i love your style, especially Lael's nursery. your blog is definitely on my daily read list. keep it up! -Heather (also in Greenville, SC!)

  3. Hi, Heather! Great to meet another Greenville gal! Thanks for following along, and God bless! :)


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