Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Daddy Day

Father's Day was quite lovely, but not too eventful. I'll tell you this though, this Daddy was THANK- FULL to have his girl out of utero this year! Yep, and I am, too.

We took the girl to the pool at the Y. She. loves. it.

I'm thankful for this man right here. I'm a Daddy's girl. Always have been.

Open mouth kiss, bite, or sneeze? That is the question.

Our dear friends, Rod and Jewitte were in town and grabbed lunch with us after church at "Smoke" --that's Smoke on the Water for you non- Greenvillians. Greenville-ites? Greenville-ons? Whatev. What do you call us?

This child has never fallen asleep like this.
That might be why she just relented. It's okay. We were pretty shaded and there was a little breeze.
Plus, she loves her Auntie Jew. Plus, Auntie Jew fed her as many lemons as she wanted. That always helps. :)
It truly warmed my heart for Lael to be such a sweetie and sit in Jewitte's lap the entire time.

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  1. I LOVE Smoke on the Water...every time I have guests come into town I always take them there.

  2. hey Kelli! Love your blog and it's so sweet to see Jewitte with Lael...I keep telling them they better hurry up and have us another little one to spoil soon :)

    Lael is absolutely precious!!!


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