Wednesday, June 16, 2010

the good life

These girls are livin' it up Kiawah Island style. They don't know it yet, but this is the good life. I promised myself that I wouldn't get mushy and go on and on about how these pictures warm my heart to see our daughters together, remind me of the sweetness of a cousin's love, bring to mind childhood memories, make me ponder life's simple pleasures, etc., etc., etc.

So I'm not going to do that.

I'm clearly not. The pictures speak for themselves.

Sniff, sniff. Oh, the sweetness!

But just so I don't paint a picture of perfection--that our children are angelic cherubs who sit perfectly still in the sand and pat each other's backs all day-- this is pre-meltdown.
I'm sure the people around us were thanking their lucky stars when we started trudging back to the car.

Where there's a will pool, there's a way!
It's pretty crucial to have a pool on the days when going to the beach seems more like a chore than recreation.
It can be a bit maddening to find grains of sand in and on every last thing that you brought to the beach...including your baby. I'm still finding it in her ears. I have gone to great lengths to protect my valuable belongings from the all consuming sand beast. Doesn't matter. Those little particles--they are sneaky. They find a way.
Pools are clean.
Yeah, yeah. I hear ya. They are chock-full of chlorine and who knows how many tiny tykes have tinkled in the last 5 minutes, but when there's only a handful of people who use a particular pool, and you know those people, in my head it just makes it seem better.

So, on the days when we didn't feel like packing up our entire lives, we camped out by the pool conveniently located in the backyard.
Which I must add is conveniently located mere yards away from the refrigerator and bathroom. 'Nough said.

Again, the sweetness abounds.

After a long day of sunning we decided to let the girls take a spin in the convertible.

To the mailbox and back.

Trouble, I tell ya.
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  1. these pictures are beyond adorable, i can't even stand it. two beautiful, beautiful girls! i really enjoy reading your blog and have now added it to my daily list of reads...thanks for sharing :)

  2. Love all of it!! Love the pictures and your hilarious commentary! :) What fun to have a cousin so close in age to grow up with! They are precious little girls!

  3. if you don't mind me asking, what do you use to edit your photos?

  4. these are the sweetest pictures in the whole wide world.

  5. Heather, I use photoshop cs4. :)

  6. awesome, thanks kelli! i'm spreading your blog link around like wildfire to my friends...we are all fans :)


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