Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I'd rather be at the lake

Last weekend we went to my hometown. Good 'ole L-town (that's Lexington for those of you not in the know :). My parents live on Lake Murray, and it's always quite the treat in the summers to lay out on the dock and soak up some rays.

This year as my mom and I were sitting outside playing with Lael, she said,
"Can you believe that we're out here this year with your baby?"
Nope, Momma. I can't.

We moved into the lake house the summer before my senior year of high school, so I can't really say that I "grew up" there, but needless to say, the memories abound.
Sometimes when I sit in the basement family room adorned with all of our childhood pictures I get nostalgic as I recall my childhood and adolescent days.
And then I hear my precious daughter waking up in her crib in the next room. It's a little surreal. That she's actually here. That my dream of becoming a mother is actually being played out. That this time has come.

Some of my baby dolls still perfectly placed in my old room bring to mind the hours upon hours that I spent pretending I was a mommy. Imagining the day when I would have an actual, real life baby that I could hold and play with all day long and one who would love me back.
My baby doll is here.
I take none of it lightly. God has had shown me His tender mercy. He has been gracious to me, and I don't deserve it. He has given me a priceless gift in my daughter. I thank Him multiple times daily.

When we moved into that house as a family I remember thinking,
my parents will probably be in this house for a good while...I'll probably bring my husband to this house one day...and I'll probably get to see my future children play in this family room.

And here we are. My husband and my daughter playing in the lake.

It takes quite a guy to feel completely comfortable laying out in a pink float. That's one of the million reasons that I love him so much.

I call this the "Kelli face"

Nothin' like skinny dippin' in the lake. Believe me, I've done it. :)
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