Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Remember a couple of weeks ago when I introduced you to...

Drumroll, please.

It gives me great joy, er, um, not really...to present to you...

Ahem. And remember when I said that she didn't seem bothered by her one little tooth?
I guess all I have to say is...
two are better more painful than one.

On to other things-

You may or may not have noticed, but we are now www.forthischildiprayed.net

Thus the loss of the blog roll and comments...hmm, not sure what happened with that.
No worries, the old blog address still works. Just a little fyi for ya. :)

Next up...

I wanted to share with you my awesome baby food storage containers. They are made by Especially for Baby and you can check them out here.

The box contains two of what you see in the picture above, so that means that you get 16 little plastic cups and two trays for $9.99. They snap to close, are dishwasher safe (although I just wash mine by hand), freezer safe and microwave safe!

I pulled one of my cups out of the freezer to show you. Each cup holds two ounces of food (compared to many of the baby food freezer trays that only hold 1 ounce of food). They come with little white labels so you can write what kind of food is in it and when you made it. Pop this little baby in the microwave for about a minute and ta da! No popping out of trays, and no messing with bowls.

No fuss, no muss. These things make me a happy girl.

And that makes my husband a happy man.

So, he likes them, too. :)
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  1. Love these! So glad you shared. We've been using ice trays for portion sizes and little plastic bowls, but these seem like a great way of doing all of the above. (And a great gift idea for moms with little ones the same age as our babies.)


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