Tuesday, June 15, 2010

where to even start

Well, I'll start with this. I captured for you the wonderfulness of most of my evenings last week during my blogging hiatus.

The daily view wasn't too bad, I guess.

Lael and I spent a week on John's Island, SC with my cousin, Katie and her little girl. We stayed in my aunt and uncle's home while they were away on a trip. It was glorious. We had absolutely nothing we had to do, but could basically do anything we wanted to do. Aaaaahhh.

As soon as we arrived Katie and I left the girls with a babysitter to go see...

Great concert. Love them. We were on the 4th row and made it on the jumbo tron 5 times! They played on the beautiful Daniel Island. Hot...muggy...humid...but fun.
Did I mention that it was hot?

And because I just couldn't help myself...

If you go to a concert where the band sings a song called "Chicken Fried" you are bound to see one of these.
I just love a good mullet.
And I love QT with this gal.

During our week in South Carolina's paradise there was a lot of this.

{sigh} This smile makes my heart nearly jump out of my chest.

And yes, there was a lot of this. I eventually just gave up.

more tomorrow...
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  1. We saw ZB in Gville, and he was awesome! And, I gave up on the sand thing long ago...next summer will be better :o)

  2. the first pic deserves a canvas and a spot on your wall.. shoot, they all do! So much fun!!! i'm jealous :) I love the last one with her reflection in the sand.. very artsy :) hope to see yall soooooon! :)


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