Wednesday, July 28, 2010

An ode to our new carpet

Oh, precious brand new carpet, how I love you so.
We needed you so badly but didn't know where to go.

My baby girl is crawling now and we wanted something new.
We went out shopping with no high hopes and thankfully we found you!

Beautiful brand new carpet, you are so very clean.
You don't shed onto my babies clothes little particles that are green.

Our friendship with the old carpet has finally come to an end.
I'm so glad you haven't been tinkled on by our furry little friend.

The family before us who left the old rug were oh so very kind.
We knew we wanted a brand new carpet, but what we wanted we never could find.

Pretty brand new carpet, please don't worry yourself a bit.
No one will put their shoes on you, or I will have a fit!

Lovely brand new carpet, you give me so much joy.
I feel like it's Christmas morning and I got a brand new toy!

Some might think that I've gone nuts because I love you so.
But how hard we had to search for you they will never know.

Wonderful new carpet, you look so very neat.
I love the way you feel when I walk on you with bare feet.

Sweet, sweet brand new carpet, in this room you look so good!
I wouldn't lick you, carpet, but if I wanted to I could!

I can sit, lie or play on you without a worry or a care.
If I ever did that with the old green carpet it was very rare.

I hope you stick around for years and keep your nice, soft feel.
I can't believe we found you, carpet! Someone pinch me! Is this real?

Pretty brand new carpet, I hope you're here to stay.
Even if you get a little bit dirty I'll still love you anyway.

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  1. if you weren't already my best friend, I would wish you were, largely because of posts like these. awesome. simply awesome in so many respects. i am glad we're friends. can't wait to walk barefooted on your new carpet. :)

    (sorry, forgot the "t" in can'T the first go round :) )

  2. So wonderful! (the new carpet and your amazing poem) Talented writer you are!

  3. Hi. I happened upon your blog simply because of the speaks to me right now. But I am commenting now because I am a sucker for poems like these! ;) And, I really need to know what kind of camera (and lenses) do you use to capture that old fashioned feel?? So very beautiful! I know you use a Nokia but can you be more specific if you don't mind. Thanks so very much. And happy weekend to you.

  4. Just saying hi, you don't know me, but I found your blog through one of my best friends, Debradele, and just wanted to share that I love to see all the posts of your little girl, she is so adorable!

  5. I didn't know HOW VERY much you loved new carpet, Kelli. I just have to say the old must have been "shag make me gag" if the new is as sweet, lovely and wonderful as you have made it out to be. I may just want to fly up there just to allow my toes to feel it. You are so cute!!

  6. Tara,
    I use a Nikon D40 with a 50 mm lens. The "old fashioned" feel comes from the editing that I do to the pictures. God bless!


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