Tuesday, July 27, 2010

road trippin'

Last Wednesday we made the trek up to Washington DC to see my cousin, her husband and little MK. Their beautiful faces have graced the blog before.

Despite the looks of horror that we got when telling people that we were traveling 8 hours with our 8 month old, we were pretty excited about our little adventure as a family. Hey, ain't nothin' a little Dave Matthews can't fix. We listened to him much of the way there with great anticipation in that we would see him in person on Friday! And by the way, Lael was an absolute doll in the car. She digs 'ole Dave, too. Do you realize that Dave Matthews' music will be "oldies" when she is in high school? Whoa.

Anyone wanna guess what she did most of the way there?


The boys did some mountain bikin' and a little babysittin'.


While the woman folk cooked up some kabobs.


And then the chilin' got all warshed up.


We visited Old Town, Alexandria.
Yes, it was 100 degrees outside.
Yes, my hair was like a furnace.


Next up, Mt. Vernon-- George Washington's house. Very cool. Wait, I mean hot.
I think I may have said to Trey like 5 times that day, "I'm so glad I didn't live in these times."

To that he was probably thinking, "Geez, me too, woman! Cuz you would have driven me


Looking out at the Potomac River. Absolutely beautiful.


Dave Matthews. He played for 3 hours straight! Great concert. Tim Reynolds was there, too. Oh, and Zac Brown opened for him. Love me some Chicken Fried. :)

Picnik collage

The day after that we headed over to the Holocaust museum. Trey and I had done most of the other sight seeing in DC a few years ago, but this museum was the only thing that we hadn't done yet. We got there early enough to get passes for the main exhibit. I don't really know how to express how I felt about all that we saw there.

We saw a lot of horrific pictures and videos that were difficult to watch. The thing that pulled at my heart strings the most was thinking about the terror that every one of the mothers must have felt when being captured and taken to a camp. There's just something that happens to you when you become a mother that causes your mind to go there. Mothers are bonded together in this way. We all know that feeling of unconditional love. The indescribable, gravitational pull towards your child. The overcoming desire to protect and safeguard your baby.

What must it have been like to have that baby ripped from your arms? What must it have felt like to have to calm your child's fears while you, yourself are crumbling inside?

The acts that these mothers had to witness are unspeakable. I admit, when I was reunited with Lael that night when we returned from the city, I hugged her so tightly and thanked God that I was born in a free country where I will never have to fear having my baby taken from me.

Photography was strictly prohibited. Tisk, tisk.
I was able to snap a couple of pictures of the windows that were etched with hundreds of names of those murdered in the Holocaust.

Picnik collage
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  1. Chills all over... Isn't it amazing how all mothers have such a common thread running through them? Oh, and, on another note, does good hair run in your family :o) Hehe!

  2. I was about to say the same thing. I am sure your hair is hot, but man! I wish mine was as great is yours is. I would NEVER cut it! God blessed your family with beautiful hair!! I agree with your thoughts on the Holocaust. It has always blown my mind. It doesn't seem like THAT long ago to me. So sad.


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