Sunday, July 25, 2010


I get plenty of it. And so does my 8 month old baby.

As our pastor would say, "Let's unpack this."

This is something that I haven't yet shared because I have kept waiting for the ball to drop and for it all to come to a screeching halt. After about 3 whole months of it I've decided that it may have become a habit and I can let you in on it. If you're a mother, you might hate me after I tell you this.

Lael sleeps 12-14 hours per night.
She takes two 90 minute naps.
Sometimes she takes a third evening cat nap.

She usually goes to bed at night between 8 and 9, and gets up between 9 and 10 the next morning. Occasionally she wakes up at 10:30, a few times she has slept until 11, and twice she slept until 11:30. She is very happy and active when she is awake and I think this is why.

You may or may not be astonished by her sleeping habits, but let me tell you, I AM. I never imagined that I would be getting incredible amounts of sleep at this stage in my baby's life. I am not tired. I do not feel worn down. I am not lacking rest. I get plenty of chores snoozing accomplished while my baby is asleep.

Yes, yes, I realize it may not last forever, but for right now, I'm going to enjoy every last waking sleeping minute.

To prove to you how hard my girl can sleep...



And if you didn't see this in March, check it out. :)
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  1. i laughed so hard when you said "unpack"...yes, i am quite familiar with that pastoral term! haha and seriously, that is AMAZING she sleeps those hours and that i'm not a mom (yet) but i've never heard of a baby sleeping so well!

  2. Wow, that's amazing! I had to laugh when I see how your little one sleeps, but it does kind of mimic the position in the womb. Every ultrasound I've had here lately, little Caroline is in that position. Even on our 4D, she has her hand tucked under her chin and her foot right below her chin. Hopefully, she will sleep as well as Lael does when she arrives in the next 4-6 weeks. I have my doubts, but you give me something to hope for!=)

  3. I have always found it sooo funny & cute to find my children sleeping just like your little one!! I don't know how they do it! :)

  4. Okay, as a new mom I am BLOWN away - do you have any sleep secrets? Did you do babywise to get Lael to sleep so well? Cannon's only 3 weeks old - so we're not even attempting any kind of schedule . . . yet . . . I'm giving him a few more weeks before I crack down with some self-soothing. :-)

  5. Yes, everyone it is absolutely amazing. I can't believe it myself!

    Congratulations on your little boy!! I know you're loving every minute of it.

    Yes, we basically went by the babywise schedule. I was a nanny for twins for a year who were on this schedule so I was very familiar with it before we had Lael. It is a wonderful, healthy routine that I would recommend to every mother. I went searching through my unpublished blog archive to find what she was doing at each stage (you wouldn't believe how hard it is to remember these things even a month or two down the road! Write it all down!!) At 1 month she could go 5 hour stretches between feedings, at 2 months she could go 7 hour stretches, and at 3 months she could go 10-11 hours. At your stage in the game we weren't really going by much of a schedule either, but I wouldn't let her eat sooner than 2 hours and wouldn't let her go longer than 4 hours. Usually after she ate she would be awake/alert and then would go to sleep after about 30 minutes. The kind of schedule that she is on now really wasn't implemented until about 3-4 months. She would NOT take naps in her crib so I had to just put her in the swing to nap (the pediatrician said it was fine), this went on until she was about 5 months. Finally she began to nap well in her crib. We didn't move her out of our room for nighttime until she was about 4 months. I just wasn't ready until then. She was swaddled at night until she was 4 and half months old. I would suggest swaddling Cannon until he can break out of it--with The Miracle Blanket, of course! :)
    Basically, don't expect TOO much of a routine until he is 3 months. That's just my experience. He may surprise you and do well a lot earlier.

    Try to get him to take a pacifier, too. It may take him a while to get the hang of it, but keep trying. When they are that little they also have a hard time keeping it in their mouth because of the natural tendency to thrust the tongue forward.

    Yes, self-soothing is a great thing. I would also advise you to always put him down when he is awake. Put him down sleepy, but not asleep. He needs to learn early on that going to sleep and staying asleep is HIS job and not yours. This will save your sanity. Lael never cries when we put her down. Maybe that's her nature or maybe she knows it won't get her anywhere! Not sure!

    We just recently started using a sound machine to drown out any noises going on the house during day time naps.

    One more trick that I kind of figured out was to not go running in to get her when you see she was stirring. So many times I think Lael is waking up (from looking at the video monitor), I don't run in to get her and low and behold 10 minutes later she is sleeping again. When he gets older there is nothing wrong with requiring 90 minutes of sleep/time in crib. That's just my opinion though.

    Sorry this is like a novel. I'm no expert. Just giving my two cents. :)
    Congrats, again!


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