Thursday, August 12, 2010

What's the deal in the ville?

Not Greenville...Hartsville. Lael and I spent the weekend plus a couple of days there this week staying with my BFF. When we stay at each others' houses it's truly like a mini vacation...even though neither of us live in places that are even remotely like a vacation destination. We just make do. Because Jess fell last week and busted her lip on a rock (seriously) we didn't really venture out of the house. Darn stitches in the lip will do it every time. Nevertheless, we had a splendid time doin' alotta nothin'!

I would love to say that we like, took the kids out to do some sort of fun, stimulating, outdoor activity, but ya''s HOT.

Sooooo, we stayed inside and in our pajamas 'til noon. Napped when the kids napped, played when the kids played, and ate when the kids ate. Jess and I, we love to sleep. This is a wonderful aspect of our bestfriendshipness, and thankfully, our children love to sleep, too. And thankfully, they love each other.





We think those pictures are going to be just fabulous when we create the slideshow for their rehearsal dinner in about 20 some odd years.


Baths are a great form of recreation. They are a free, fun, and indoor. They took a number of baths while we were there. :)





Jess and I were watching them in the tub and couldn't help but just be absolutely astounded that our children were taking a bath together. I know, I know, here I am getting all mushy on you again, but I'm just sayin'.

Jess and I have been best friends since the sixth grade. Well, we were friends in the fifth grade, too, but I thought she was a total priss pot, and she thought, in her own words, that I was
"a little too put together for a fifth grader". ??? Whatev.
It's okay. We're over it now. :)

How do I know that it was the sixth grade and not the fifth grade that we became best friends? Glad you asked. We actually "declared" our bestfriendness one day. Yes, we said to each other, "We declare that today we are now 'best friends'!".
Can you imagine if we did that now as adults?

"Okay, so you and I have had two play dates with our kids. Are we friends now? Okay, moving on."

I actually think it would be nice. Just cut to the chase. I'm starting a new trend. Anyone wanna join me? :)


I asked Jess if she could have ever imagined in the sixth grade that our children would one day be playing in a bath together.
Nope. Could never imagine it.

What a sweet, undeserved blessing God has given us in each other, and now in seeing our children play together.

We did venture outside of the house just once to grab some lunch at the beloved Midnight Rooster. We adore that place. It's just cool. Like, it could be in a movie, cool.



Until next time, Hartsville. Until next time.
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  1. Love all the pictures! I am glad you ladies had fun even if you did not get out much! Sometimes that is the best kind of days!

    And poor Jessica and her lip!

  2. I'm sitting here teary eyed reminiscing of the fun we had from this past weekend all the way back to the fifth grade. what a blessing our friendship is!!! I'm so very thankful for you and the lil chicken laely. I love you both so much and I love this post! :)

  3. Kelli, Will you be my friend? I'm moving to Greenville. We have girls close in age. We (and our hubbies) went to college together. It seems right. :)

  4. So very sweet! God is good! I hope Megan and I can post a similar story one day :)

  5. Lorren,
    YES! We can be friends!! Sounds like a match made in heaven. :)


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