Friday, September 10, 2010

sleepin' and swimmin'

Two of our three days on Sea Island were spent at the club pool just chillaxin'.


We have a little fish on our hands. She is nuts about the pool, and I'm glad about that because I'm a fan of pools. You can read about that here. :)


More sleep was in order.




Oh, summer. Where did you go?
I blinked and you're gone.
White shorts, seersucker, and Lilly Pulitzer, I will put you away, not to be taken out again until next Easter.


After a summer full of swimming, Lael has become an 'ole pro in the pool. I always make it a point to dunk her under the water a few times to get her used to submersing her head. I count to three and then blow in her face which causes her to suck in and hold her breath. She pops right up out of the water without having breathed in a bit of water. {Insert proud mother}

Lately when we get in the pool with her she instantly starts flapping her arms and kicking her feet off of us as if she's trying to get away or somehow crawl on the water. ??? All of this while excitedly panting like a dog. So, since she seemed so eager to well, swim, I told Trey to just let go of her and see what she would do. *GASP*
Much to our delight she actually held her breath, kicked and flapped her arms and kept herself from sinking down. {Insert extremely proud mother}

Enjoy this little clip of our little 9 and a half month old swimming prodigy.

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  1. That's so cute!!!! Makes me want to try it with Isabella! :)

  2. That made me smile! I am sure I will watch that again. :)


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