Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Punkin hunt

We went to find a pumpkin to put outside our door.
My mom can't take just 5 cute pics, she has to take much more.


My good friend, Julianne, and I didn't know what we would see.
But a pumpkin hunt is so very fun, just as mom said it would be!


We had the place all to ourselves, the only ones in the patch.
And Jules and I were a sight to see with our pumpkin shirts that match!

pumpkingirls12 pumpkingirls8


Some pumpkins were short, some were tall, and some were kind of sick.
My mom said that those had warts on them, and would not be ones we'd pick.


A perfect pumpkin is hard to find, one that is pretty, plump and round.
Momma walked around a while just looking at the ground.


I've never played with pumpkins. It's all so very new.
Not sure what all the hype's about, but they sure are nice to chew.


Such a splendid time was had by me and my special friend!
So glad we found our pumpkin, but so sad for it to end.



Momma couldn't stop snapping, but at picture two fifty one...


She finally put her camera down and exclaimed that she was
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  1. 251 pictures?!?! lol! The hats are so great! I wonder where I can get one in my size?

  2. Such cute little "punkins". Thanks for going with us to the patch and for making the girls' cute shirts. You are so need to get back into your business. You have such a great gift :)

  3. these pictures are darling. i live in greenville and am looking for a pumpkin patch for my boyfriend and i to go to...where did you go? p.s. i completely understand 251 pictures :)

  4. Heather,
    We went over to a church beside the YMCA. Can't remember what it's called! Sorry!


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