Monday, October 11, 2010

Say eylo to my lil friends.

I've had my eye on these two for some time now.

A while back when looking for a new Angel Dear lovey for Lael I discovered that they make napping blankets. Oh my. I kind of had to have one... ahem... for her, of course...


... And since my child (and every other baby I know) has a knack for chewing on $20 dog baby toys, I finally gave in and bought "Sophie". With a $5 off coupon from Buy Buy Baby, I might add.

Who knew what a hit this rubber giraffe would be?? I will admit, she's easy for a baby to hold onto, she makes for a great teether, and she's pretty darn cute.

It's really hard to say no to this face.


If not for the fear of spoiling her to pieces, I would give her the world if I could.
But for now, we'll settle for two cute giraffes.



But really, everything she wants is right here.


Right here in front of her.


Plenty of room to take off, endless sights to see, and a lifetime ahead that she can't even comprehend.


I marvel at these moments. These mere seconds of simplicity.


And even though I love to give her things, things that she clearly loves... the end of the day,
she loves life more.
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  1. Don't be too hard on yourself! If it makes you feel any better, Charlie has one of these napping blankets at home, AND one at school for nap time. Now THAT'S spoiled!!!

  2. beautiful precious!

  3. I have a mild obsession with giraffes so this post simply makes me smile. Trevor has Sophie and loved her for months. Id totally be on the website ordering that blanket, like yesterday, if I thought he would like it. He has two similar ones in his crib and hes not big on snuggling them. Maybe our next baby..

    She is one cute little spoiled girl. Just the way it should be. :)


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