Monday, November 15, 2010

aquarium 101

Bascially, Benson is an aquatic expert, if you didn't already know. A 3 year old with a head full of sea life knowledge. Or at least that's what Lael thinks.


He enjoys practicing his big brother skills with his little Lael. No doubt he'll have his little brother or sister totally convinced that he hung the moon.


We were so happy to have Jess and Benson come with us to Kiawah for a few days, and we decided to visit the Charleston Aquarium. I really wondered if it would even phase Lael, but she actually was enamored by all of it.


She even made her "Oooooooooo" sound as you can see in the picture below. This is what she says when she sees something interesting. I wish you could hear it for yourself. It's kind of hilarious.

My uncle and cousin are volunteer divers at this aquarium and they get to feed the the fish for show times. They said that this turtle's name is Gretel. How sweet. :)



I'm glad she likes fish. Fish are good pets to have. They just swim and eat. And occasionally when the bowl gets so green with algae that you can't even see your fish and are embarrassed to have it sitting on your kitchen counter, you clean it. Not that I
know about that. Ahem, I've always been a very responsible pet owner.

So, one day when Lael begins asking for a fish, like, every time we go to Wal-Mart (not that I know about that either), I will be happy to indulge her. One little fishy fish at a time, of course. 'Cause this momma can only keep up with one algae fish bowl. :)
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