Friday, January 28, 2011

and the winner is...

I used to generate a number between 1 and 22 and the winner is...


Congratulations to The Taylor Family! You are the proud new owner of a Nuby bottle!


Email me at to claim your bottle!

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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

New year, new GIVEAWAY!

I've been meaning to do this giveaway for almost a month now and finally here it is.

When we made the switch to whole milk shortly after Lael turned a year, I began looking for a good cup/bottle to ease the transition from our wonderful, trusty Avent bottles.

Side note about the Avent bottle: highly recommended. Minimal parts to clean and very durable. I felt like washing bottles was my part-time job, and let me just tell you, if I had more than just the nipple and bottle to clean I would have gone nuts.
Psssst... just like its competitors, it also has the "anti-colic system that prevents vacuum build-up"... whatever the heck that means... but with less parts.
My advice: Keep it simple, ladies.

Back to it. I love Nuby. They make great stuff. I did a giveaway last year for a super sippy. Come to find out, they make an awesome little bottle , and Lael took right to it. She can hold it herself with the handles, and it has a non-spill spout to prevent leaks. It also comes with another less nipple-like spout that you can use later if you like. They come in two different sizes, 7 and 11 oz., and they come in a variety of colors.

Don't ya want one?!


Well, good news.
I'm giving one away! Duh. You already knew that.


Just leave a comment by midnight on Thursday (eastern time) and I'll randomly pick a winner on Friday!

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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

a new room

We have lived in our current house since the summer of 2008. Until a few weeks ago we had never done much of anything with a room that sits in the smack dab middle of our house. It's kind of an awkward room, and since we already have a "living room" in the front of the house, we were lacking furniture to put in this space. As Lael has accumulated toys, we have come to realize the need for a good place to store them, and with the beautiful sunlight that comes in this room, we wanted to do our best to utilize it as a nice, comfy dwelling spot for our children.

I have a vision for this room. I want it to be a place without a television, a place where we can read, do puzzles, color, and play games.

It's amazing what a barcalounger, lamp, curtains (all from the incredible IKEA, I might add), and carpet remnant can do for a room. Seriously, Trey and I feel like we just put an addition onto our house. All it was before was a pointless room that we had to walk through in order to get to the guest bedroom, laundry room and nursery.

My parents gave Lael a wooden table and chairs for Christmas that we still need to stain, and we'll add it as soon as it's finished. There are other things we want to do with the room, but here's a start!


One of my fave parts about this room is that Lael has plenty of space to play with all of her toys and then I can hide all of them!!See the woven baskets under the shelves? Yup, all of the toys are in there. And her books are, well, on the bookshelf. Since "creating our new room", Lael and I have spent hours playing on the floor on our new carpet (I really love new carpet, in case you didn't already know that.), and already have read Pat the Bunny probably 521 times sitting on this barcalounger.


There are many times when I take the mundane moments for granted. The moments when I realize that I could probably recite Ten Little Ladybugs by heart, and moments when I would really like to curl up on that barcalounger and take a snooze. But really, they are moments that I wish I could bottle up for later when Lael is about 15 years old and doesn't want to sing "Itsy Bitsy Spider" anymore.

I feel like I'm already forgetting what life was like a mere six months ago. All the more reason to document, to record as much as possible. I'm so thankful somebody invented the digital SLR. :)







I love this little toy gum-ball machine. It's quiet and it requires no batteries. I'm a sucker for classic toys like this. Anything wooden and old-school. Oh yeah, and ones that fit in my woven baskets... yeah, that's always a plus. :)



Yes, my child has finger toes. And I'm cool with that 'cause she gets them from her Momma.






Here's to endless hours, baby girl, of snuggles, books, talking, playing, praying, laughing and learning in our new room.

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Sunday, January 16, 2011



Once again, we are



As soon as the tech got the probe in place to get the shot (and before she could get a word in!), I shouted, "It's a girl!!!!"
And I was right. :)

I don't know who was more excited at that moment- me or Trey.
We were both ecstatic.

After numerous angles and asking, "Are you SURE?", the tech assured us that it was a little girl and that she would even come paint the room pink if she could.

We're so happy to know this little baby a little better, and we are in love all over again. She has stolen our hearts.

Although we are thrilled to have another daughter for ourselves, I think more than anything we're excited for Lael. She doesn't realize it now, but one day she will know the priceless gift of a sister relationship. Having a sister myself, I can attest to the indescribable blessing that it is.

I can't wait to take a picture like this one of our two girls.

Kelli age 3-10

"How do people make it through life without a sister?"
-Sarah Corpening
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Friday, January 14, 2011

It's a...

Now, now. You don't think I would actually just come right out and tell you, do you? :)
But we have certainly got confirmation on what this sweet little babe is!

Little back story: We had our scheduled 16 week appointment yesterday with one of my fave doctors in hopes of her trying to fit us in for a sneak peek ultrasound to find out the gender. Well, with all of the snow and everything being kind of backed up, there just wasn't time for us.
We were completely bummed.

I know, I know, most people don't find out until the 20 week appointment. We just had our hopes up though because we were able to find out at 16 weeks about Lael, and I guess we were maybe a little spoiled.

Can't rain on our parade though. No sir-eee, Bob. You know what I did as soon as I got out of the doctor's office?? Called up both of the 3D/4D ultrasound places here in Greenville. Yup. And one of them could take us for an appointment at 6:30! Instantly un-bummed.

So we headed on over to Vision of Life to see our sweet little thang. If you live in the upstate I would definitely recommend this little gem of a place. It was such a neat experience. Totally worth the mere sixty bucks we spent to find out a little early the fate, if you will, of our family!
Trey was quite a fan of the huge leather couch and large flat screen tv that he got to watch the ultrasound on. And Lael, well, she couldn't have been happier (or more oblivious!) playing with all of the toys in the room.

In the words of Juno, "I'm thinking it looks probably like a sea monkey right now and we should let it get a little cuter."

My thoughts exactly, Juno. Baby Boo needs to chub up a bit. I must admit, the 3D experience is much cooler further along in the pregnancy, but nevertheless, we're happy to have the pictures.






Anyone have a hunch about what it is?? Take a guess!!

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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

bath buddies

Every time we put them in the bath together


Jess or I ask the other,


"How long do you think


we'll get away with


putting them in the bath together?"


'Cause no doubt, that day WILL come.


But in the meantime we'll keep snap snappin' away. :)
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Monday, January 10, 2011

snow daze







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Thursday, January 6, 2011

nothing cooler...

... than being pregnant with your best friend!


In October of 2010 Trey and I found out we were expecting another baby, and that in and of itself was quite a blessing to behold, but to be joining my best friend in the journey was just about too much. Our firsts are about 2 and half years apart, and our seconds will be only 7 weeks apart!

This past summer I had a dream one night that we were pregnant at the same time. This was long before she found out she was expecting. The dream seemed so real. So real that I called her the next morning to tell her about it. We laughed and talked about how neat it would be for that to really happen. And then... IT DID!

Could I have ever imagined back in the 5th grade that we would be standing in front of my Christmas tree posing for a belly shot together?

Absolutely not.

I'm sure I had no idea that such a thing even existed. Posing with your pregnant belly for a picture?? What? Understandably, we were much more interested in Hello Kitty, Keroppi, and Ahiro No Pekkle and which new pencil box and accessories we could sucker our parents into buying for us.
If you think I just spoke a bunch a jibberish... well, I did. But you had to be about 11 or 12 growing up in the 90's to understand.

Being pregnant together wasn't in our plans, but in our gracious God's plans. For that we are so very thankful.

Another fun tid bit of information is that we were also engaged to be married at the same time and our weddings were a week apart! Just another fun stage of life that we were blessed to walk through together.


Me: almost 15 wks. Jess: almost 21 wks.

And yes, we have on the same shirt. I gave it to her for Christmas and decided to spoil myself as well. Heh.

Jessica and Benjamin are having another little boy and we will have to wait and see if ours will be a BFF or potential spouse. :)
We figure the more children we have that are opposite genders the more chances we have of one day becoming in-laws, so in this case, here's hoping for a girl! :)
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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

more from Christmas twenty ten

The day after Christmas we drove to Charlotte to see more family, eat more food, and open more presents. Perfect!! Seeing all of the snow everywhere made the drive absolutely beautiful. As a side note, if you are reading this blog and think that snow on Christmas day is really no big deal because you don't live in the south and are just very fortunate that you don't merely dream of a white Christmas every year, you actually have one... let me just tell you...

It was a BIG. DEAL. :)


Here are all the girls... love them. We were only missing a few.


My Aunt Nancy, Aunt Peggy, Mom, and Memama





Memama's children and spouses gave her an iPad! I told her if she really wanted to she could now read the blog while sitting in bed! :)


My cousins, Brady and Thomas gave each other Legos and played with them the entire time.

Picnik collage

After a delish meal and our fun gift card exchange, we played Minute to Win it!!

Picnik collage

What a wonderful time of fellowship and celebration.
We love all of you!
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