Wednesday, January 19, 2011

a new room

We have lived in our current house since the summer of 2008. Until a few weeks ago we had never done much of anything with a room that sits in the smack dab middle of our house. It's kind of an awkward room, and since we already have a "living room" in the front of the house, we were lacking furniture to put in this space. As Lael has accumulated toys, we have come to realize the need for a good place to store them, and with the beautiful sunlight that comes in this room, we wanted to do our best to utilize it as a nice, comfy dwelling spot for our children.

I have a vision for this room. I want it to be a place without a television, a place where we can read, do puzzles, color, and play games.

It's amazing what a barcalounger, lamp, curtains (all from the incredible IKEA, I might add), and carpet remnant can do for a room. Seriously, Trey and I feel like we just put an addition onto our house. All it was before was a pointless room that we had to walk through in order to get to the guest bedroom, laundry room and nursery.

My parents gave Lael a wooden table and chairs for Christmas that we still need to stain, and we'll add it as soon as it's finished. There are other things we want to do with the room, but here's a start!


One of my fave parts about this room is that Lael has plenty of space to play with all of her toys and then I can hide all of them!!See the woven baskets under the shelves? Yup, all of the toys are in there. And her books are, well, on the bookshelf. Since "creating our new room", Lael and I have spent hours playing on the floor on our new carpet (I really love new carpet, in case you didn't already know that.), and already have read Pat the Bunny probably 521 times sitting on this barcalounger.


There are many times when I take the mundane moments for granted. The moments when I realize that I could probably recite Ten Little Ladybugs by heart, and moments when I would really like to curl up on that barcalounger and take a snooze. But really, they are moments that I wish I could bottle up for later when Lael is about 15 years old and doesn't want to sing "Itsy Bitsy Spider" anymore.

I feel like I'm already forgetting what life was like a mere six months ago. All the more reason to document, to record as much as possible. I'm so thankful somebody invented the digital SLR. :)







I love this little toy gum-ball machine. It's quiet and it requires no batteries. I'm a sucker for classic toys like this. Anything wooden and old-school. Oh yeah, and ones that fit in my woven baskets... yeah, that's always a plus. :)



Yes, my child has finger toes. And I'm cool with that 'cause she gets them from her Momma.






Here's to endless hours, baby girl, of snuggles, books, talking, playing, praying, laughing and learning in our new room.

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  1. Love her!! I'm so glad you're having another girl, because all your beautiful girl clothes need a round 2! James has the same gum ball machine, and he loves it too- but I'm impressed that she pushes the buttons! He won't yet, but likes throwing the balls and chasing them... haha boys. :-) Glad you're feeling pretty well, and you look fantastic as always!

  2. Kelli I have been reading your blog for a while...I found it through a friend of mine who is from Lexington. I love what you have done with that little room. Some good friends of ours is actually who you bought the house from so I have been there before. I was looking at pictures one day and realized that your house looked extremely familiar and it all clicked. Congratulations on your second little girl, we are due with boy/girl twins in May!

  3. The room looks absolutely gorgeous! You did such a good job on it. I think it could be in a magazine :)
    Don't you just love fixing up a space in the house.
    The pics with Lael are so cute, She is such a pretty girl.

  4. I've never left a comment before, but I follow your blog pretty regularly. LOVE that room. Its so simple yet so put together. Good job!

  5. what a great room, love all the built ins.

    you have such an adorable little girl, love these pictures of her.


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