Thursday, January 6, 2011

nothing cooler...

... than being pregnant with your best friend!


In October of 2010 Trey and I found out we were expecting another baby, and that in and of itself was quite a blessing to behold, but to be joining my best friend in the journey was just about too much. Our firsts are about 2 and half years apart, and our seconds will be only 7 weeks apart!

This past summer I had a dream one night that we were pregnant at the same time. This was long before she found out she was expecting. The dream seemed so real. So real that I called her the next morning to tell her about it. We laughed and talked about how neat it would be for that to really happen. And then... IT DID!

Could I have ever imagined back in the 5th grade that we would be standing in front of my Christmas tree posing for a belly shot together?

Absolutely not.

I'm sure I had no idea that such a thing even existed. Posing with your pregnant belly for a picture?? What? Understandably, we were much more interested in Hello Kitty, Keroppi, and Ahiro No Pekkle and which new pencil box and accessories we could sucker our parents into buying for us.
If you think I just spoke a bunch a jibberish... well, I did. But you had to be about 11 or 12 growing up in the 90's to understand.

Being pregnant together wasn't in our plans, but in our gracious God's plans. For that we are so very thankful.

Another fun tid bit of information is that we were also engaged to be married at the same time and our weddings were a week apart! Just another fun stage of life that we were blessed to walk through together.


Me: almost 15 wks. Jess: almost 21 wks.

And yes, we have on the same shirt. I gave it to her for Christmas and decided to spoil myself as well. Heh.

Jessica and Benjamin are having another little boy and we will have to wait and see if ours will be a BFF or potential spouse. :)
We figure the more children we have that are opposite genders the more chances we have of one day becoming in-laws, so in this case, here's hoping for a girl! :)
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  1. It is cool! My best friend & I got to make the journey together as well. Her daughter came three weeks after my son. We don't know yet how they feel about each other, but are looking forward to finding out. Congratulations to you both!

  2. I LOVE being pregnant!! But being pregnant with your best friend is AMAZING!! For me my baby sister is my best friend and last year we gave birth to our little girls 17 days apart!! Nothing like going through some of the best parts of your life with your BFF!!

  3. What an incredible blessing from the Lord it is to be able to share this time with you!!! I am so thankful for God's goodness, His perfect plan and His perfect timing! Being pregnant together is agreeably the coolest thing ever!!! Love you and that little itty bitty growin' in your belly :)


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