Sunday, January 16, 2011



Once again, we are



As soon as the tech got the probe in place to get the shot (and before she could get a word in!), I shouted, "It's a girl!!!!"
And I was right. :)

I don't know who was more excited at that moment- me or Trey.
We were both ecstatic.

After numerous angles and asking, "Are you SURE?", the tech assured us that it was a little girl and that she would even come paint the room pink if she could.

We're so happy to know this little baby a little better, and we are in love all over again. She has stolen our hearts.

Although we are thrilled to have another daughter for ourselves, I think more than anything we're excited for Lael. She doesn't realize it now, but one day she will know the priceless gift of a sister relationship. Having a sister myself, I can attest to the indescribable blessing that it is.

I can't wait to take a picture like this one of our two girls.

Kelli age 3-10

"How do people make it through life without a sister?"
-Sarah Corpening
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  1. Congratulations, Kelli! It will be so nice to have two girls so close in age :)

  2. Congrats!!! Luck you... You found out early! What a sweet gift to have not one, but two beautiful girls! Soooooo happy for your precious family.

  3. oh congrats! how special that Lael will have a sister!! so excited for you and your family :)

  4. i totally agree with that quote?! sisters are the best! i'm one of two girls and my sister is my best friend. congatulations! how exciting!

  5. Congrats Kelli! Love that quote - sisters are the BEST. Don't know what I would do without mine. Im so thrilled for you, Trey, and Lael. She's going to be a great "Big Sister"

  6. Congrats! Two girls, that's so exciting!

  7. Having two girls is THE BEST!! It's so fun to watch the sister relationship from a different angle. I can't imagine one of my girls not having the other. No other way makes sense to me. Congratulations.

  8. Congratulations on baby girl #2! I have 2 boys and seeing their brotherly relationship forming is just precious! I am sure it will be the same with sisters!

  9. Yay!! Congratulations!!! What fun those two will have!

  10. Congratulations. What a happy surprise!

  11. Congratulations! Now if the ultrasound could just tell us the hair color! :)


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