Wednesday, February 2, 2011

our littlest girl

Today we had our big ultrasound, and we're so thankful to have seen, first and foremost, that our baby is healthy and growing nicely. Secondly, since we have been so excited about anticipating a little girl, we were thankful to see that our little girl had not grown any extra parts since we saw her last.

She is still a she. :)



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  1. so excited for you kelli! i think she's already going to be a cutie! and glad she's still a she :)

  2. yay!! so excited Lael gets a sister! can't wait to hear the name, whatever it is. i'm not sure the Lord has any more in store for us, but i recently discovered by accident that i already have a name picked out in case our Lael Kate ever gets a sister of her own! funny how much fun names are, even if they're just tucked away as a "maybe."


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