Tuesday, April 12, 2011


We spent the weekend at my parents', and Trey got a lot of my old toys out of storage for Lael to play with. It was so much fun to watch her play kitchen with my old kitchen set!


Here I am on Christmas morning with my new kitchen.

Kelli age 2-113


Not only is this little high chair the perfect size for baby dolls, it can also be used for an actual infant. Yes, my little sister once sat in it. My cousin and I thought it would be a good idea to go get Megan out of her crib one morning and feed her in this high chair. :)
Yeah. Scary.

Here is Victoria, aka, Vicki, enjoying a tasty snack.



This was Megan's little doll stroller...


... as you can see, Lael isn't quite ready to give up being the baby.



What a sweet blessing it is to see my daughter enjoy the same toys that brought me so much joy as a child.

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  1. We always pull out my old toys at my parents' house for my kids too! I love seeing them play with my old dolls & things!

  2. How sweet! I can't believe how long her hair is. Wonder what Ruthie will look like?

  3. oh - question for you. how do you put a curved edge on your pictures?

  4. Oh, I remember all those toys!!!! So sweet. By the way... my best friend's daughter is Ruthie!!! I love it.

  5. This is just such a cute post. I love that she's playing with your old toys. It really is so neat to watch them play with something we did.


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