Monday, May 2, 2011

32 weeks and a baby

No, you didn't miss anything! That is not Ruthie in my arms. I am still great with child. Today marks 32 weeks! :)
(Here is my picture with Lael.)


AND my best friend, Jess, had her baby boy last Thursday, April 28!!
I got the call Thursday morning, packed my bags, dropped Lael off in Lexington with my mom, and headed to Hartsville! I made it there just in time with a little to spare. Everything worked out perfect for me to be able to be there. I was honored and privileged to be in the delivery room as Thomas Hunter Ryan entered the world. I was dubbed "the photographer", and had an absolute ball!

What an incredible blessing it was to be able to be there that day and in that moment when time seemed to stand still. God so beautifully shows His glory every time a precious life emerges, and there was no doubt that He was there in that room.

I must say, holding a tiny newborn on top of my tiny almost newborn is quite a phenomenon. Especially when she practices her ninja moves on him while he's sitting there. Nuts. The whole concept of pregnancy still just blows my mind.

thomas01 thomas02

I can hardly wait for these two to meet face to face.


After ten weeks of bed rest and then two additional weeks up and at 'em (oh, the irony), Jess ended up making it to 38 weeks. Praise the Lord!
Thomas Hunter Ryan
7 lbs. 6 oz. 19 inches of perfection.
Isn't he positively precious?!


Handsome from the very start. Ruthie will be quite pleased. :)



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  1. Congrats to your BFF, Jess! He is perfectly adorable. I have been at both my sister in law's births as well as 2 out of 3 of my best friend's births. Being on the other side and watching it all occur is a life changing experience! Bringing tears and chills at the awe of it all. I loved it! It'll be your turn before you know it. Was it hard to watch her in labor knowing your time was coming, or did it make you excited?

  2. what a beautiful baby boy! i read jess' blog too...what a blessing she made it so long! congrats to all of y'all :)

  3. What sweet, sweet pictures! I love the specialness of it and the closeness it represents between two moms. :)

  4. Such a beautiful baby boy! And how special you were able to be there to share this magical moment with your dear friend.



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