Monday, June 20, 2011

reflections of a mother's heart

Yesterday we celebrated Trey's second Father's Day and his last as a father of one.


There's no doubt that this little girl has her Daddy's heart.


Very, very soon she will have to share it.


I rocked her last night before we put her to bed.


I cried.
I wanted to freeze time.
To completely seize the moment.
My first baby falling asleep on my shoulder while sitting atop my second baby.
I etched it into my memory with hopes of never forgetting that feeling.


Her world is about to change and she has no idea.


But oh, my little girl, what blessings lie ahead.


The sweetness of sisterhood that will soon be yours.
What responsibility you hold!
She will be looking to you because you are setting the bar.
And we couldn't be happier with how you've set it.


The Lord has His mighty hand over you, and He has made you the big sister for a reason.
For such a time as this.
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  1. such sweet photos!

  2. I'm tearing up! Caleb and I have been praying hard about if we should try for number 2 sooner rather than later (the decision needs to be made soon since I won't see him for nine months after August). I know God has a plan for our family just as his plan is working in your family. Ruby is very blessed already and has no idea how loved and special she is. Can't wait to read the post about Ruby's delivery, but I know you will be cherishing your time with Lael before then!


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