Wednesday, July 20, 2011

keepin' it real

Two under two.


Not gonna lie. It's work. My time and energy is completely poured out to these two little bodies.
The opportunities to think about what I want or need are few and far between.
Thankfully, I have a husband who is like a refuge at the end of a long day.


My days are a blur of feeding people.
Feeding myself so that I can in turn feed my newborn.
Feeding my toddler and making sure my husband has a fully belly,too.


I wipe bottoms.
I change one diaper only to turn around to change another.


There are times when BOTH of them are crying and I feel like my head is spinning.


My hair is kept up in a perpetual bun.
My shirts are milk stained.
My mind is scattered.


Pump parts, sippy cups and pacifiers are strewn out all over my kitchen counters.
I pick up one mess while my daughter makes another.


This IS what I signed up for.


I wouldn't be anywhere else.
(Well, if we're keepin' it real here, I wouldn't complain if you put me on a secluded tropical island with my husband for about a week.:)

God has so graciously entrusted me with these two precious creations, and I don't want to miss ANYthing.

This domestic lifestyle... I certainly don't have it down to a science, and I won't pretend to love housework.

But these days at home with my children filled with book reading and breast feeding, laundry and dishes, cooking and cleaning...

This is my calling.
It's what I asked for...


... and I thank God everyday for answering my prayers.
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  1. Very refreshing! Thanks for this post... it is encouraging! I too asked to be a stay at home mom and take care of my sweet family! But on the hard days, I forget to thank God for answering my prayer!

  2. They are so adorable!! I can't imagine two under two! my mom did it, my sister and i are only 11 months apart! that's crazyness!! You're my hero!! And, your girls are beautiful!

  3. Your pictures (and girls) are always so beautiful.
    I actually love the one where they're crying. Bless it! Just precious!

  4. Such sweet pictures - they're adorable even when they're crying. Glad you're adjusting well and finding time to be thankful amidst the craziness!

  5. Oh my goodness what beautiful little babies you have! I just love how dark Ruthie's hair is. They are too sweet.

  6. Your girls are precious! I completely related with everything you said! I have a picture of my 2 lying just like yours except Sam is laughing and Elisabeth is crying. Very funny! Just wait for the day that they start playing together. It will melt your heart! :)

  7. Kelli! when we get back from Maine I'd love to give you a break (: just call!! [we'll be home the first week in aug. & i'm gonna need something to do with my time!] (:

  8. I could not agree more :) Lets hang out soon...and we will have 4 under 2 :) I miss you!

  9. I love your musings on motherhood! And I so look forward to days like yours :)


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