Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Is it any surprise to you that my camera has been quite busy these past 3 weeks? It's such a delight to have a new little girl to take pictures of. Here are a couple of my faves and then some of a few special visitors...

I love her eyes in this one. I don't get to see them very often so when she opens them I get my camera out!



My Memama and Aunt Peggy came for the day a couple of weeks ago and met the little girl.


Memama holding a second Patricia. The first being my mom. :)
Ruthie is her fourth great grand baby.


Aunt Peggy


Grandmama (my dad's mom)-- one of Ruthie's other great grandmothers. Ruthie is her third great grand baby.


This little tasty treat is what we have given out to our visitors-- a Peppermint "Patti" and a Baby Ruth. :)


The day finally came for my first day ALONE. With both girls. With no help. I'll admit, it was a little bit intimidating.
Okay, maybe a lot intimidating.
Thankfully Kathryn came over that morning, brought breakfast and kept us company (and sane!).

Our new babes meet for the first time, and Manning shows off his muscles while he puts the moves on Ruthie. :)

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  1. I remember all too well the first day I was left alone with my 18 month old and his newborn baby brother. I was downright terrified!! :)

    Ruthie is precious and looks so much like her big sister!

  2. She's beautiful - and looks a lot like Lael here! Clearly good looks run in the family.

    I remember the first solo day with one - scary as all get out. I'm sure you have a handle on it, but I hope it keeps getting easier every day!

  3. Love all her hair!! Cute little favors for visitors! You always think of everything.

  4. what a pretty baby girl! and love your giveaway funny. and that picture of the two babies is hilarious and so precious!!!


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