Tuesday, August 30, 2011


1. First things first.
I am so incredibly happy to introduce you to the newest member of the Dooley family! Little Porter Reece came home last week to our dear friends and proud parents, Rod and Jewitte through the gift of adoption. He is such an incredible blessing, and it's so neat that, unbeknownst to any of us, Porter was growing in the womb at the same time Ruthie was. They are 2 months and 1 day apart in age!



I think "sweet cheeks" is a perfect nickname for this little boo boo.


2. My birthday boy!
We celebrated Trey's 28th birthday on August 20th! This man blesses me daily. I still can't figure out why God let me marry him. I'm certainly undeserving.

Boy, does he love those girls. His gentle nature and tender heart makes him such an amazing girl dad. The Lord has given our daughters such a gift in giving them Trey as their father.
Love my babies' daddy. :)


The picture below is one frame prior to Ruthie getting clocked in the head by the table. Still workin' on the neck control. :)


Reminds me of a famous Kelli quote. I was holding my baby sister when she was first born. My mom told me to hold her head up, so it wouldn't fall.
I said, "Momma! It's not gonna fall- it's hooked on!" :)

Okay, take two of blowing out candles. Good 'ol passy makes everything better.


3. Bath buddies.
A couple of weeks ago Jess and the boys came for the week, and it was so great. I can't believe this is the only picture I got the whole time they were here. You can imagine it was a tad hectic.


4. " You better stop making that face or else it's gonna stick like that!"


5. Two peas in a pod.
After I took this picture of Ruthie I realized that I had one of Lael that looked very similar, and they're about the same age. They definitely have their own looks, but sometimes when I look at Ruthie it's like deja vu- almost like looking at Lael as a baby all over again.



6. Drowning out our sorrows.
Trey and I have endured some car rides where both girls have had melt downs in unison for a significant amount of time. And when I say significant, I mean 5 minutes. Doesn't sound like that long? Oh, it is. Trey and I decided that if you just turn up the radio really loud you can drown it out. :)


Then I look back there and she's doing this...


... and I forget about my previous urges to pull my hair out.

7. You could hang a picture on that thing.
So, check out Lael's little newborn foot. You see the pinky toe? Probably the longest pinky toe I've ever seen on a baby. That sucker is like a hook!


Ruthie girl takes after her big sis.


8. Terrifying tots.
Have you ever watched Toddlers and Tiaras?? If not, please do so at your earliest convenience. You will have to close your own gaping mouth. I've never seen anything like it. Even Trey indulges me and watches it just for pure entertainment. There's a "full glitz", "ultimate grand supreme" pageant world out there that I have no clue about. I'm glad.

The horror, the horror.

Mckenzie is my favorite one to watch. This girl... she's outta control.

9. Go big small or go home.
In honor of the next to last day of National Breastfeeding Month I thought I would make a strong recommendation for a lil' thing that has changed my milkin' momma life. If you're in the market for a pump, this is the one to get. You can be wireless and hands free all at the same time, AND it times how long you've been pumping so you don't have to keep watching the clock!
I don't want to vacuum my house while pumping milk, but if I really wanted to I could!


10. One of my greatest challenges thus far.
While we're on the subject of breast feeding, I am now on a dairy and soy free diet.
Let me be frank. It is not fun. We can't really go out to eat, and I have to be super paranoid about everything little thing that enters my mouth. When we have gone out to eat I have to be that annoying customer who bugs the manager about the specific ingredients that are in a certain dish. It's humbling.
If you didn't know, milk, and soy especially, are in ev.ery.thin.g.

Why am I on this diet? Well, our doctor suspects that Ruthie's little system is dairy and soy protein intolerant. Microscopic blood was found in her stool and an intolerance to one or both of these things is usually the culprit.

Breast feeding is such a blessing. I would say that nursing times with my babies have been some of the sweetest moments of my life. Not only is breast feeding best, it's the ultimate bonding experience. I'm not really willing to give that up just because of this road block. If I CAN do it, I WILL do it. I won't go down without a fight.

And because my bff and I can't do much of anything without doing it together, she is also on the diet. Yep, Thomas is dairy/soy protein intolerant, also. Jess did this diet with Benson as well, and if it wasn't for her and her research, ideas, and recipes I don't know what I would have done. She's a seasoned pro at keeping dairy and soy out of her diet. If you are breast feeding a MSPI (milk/soy protein intolerant) baby, go visit her blog in the works for great eating options!

11. Momma's new do.
Not long after I had Lael I started noticing that there were some crinkles starting to form in my hair in the back. I figured it would go away or stop growing like that eventually, but it didn't. It started getting wavy in other places, too, and so I began to use a flat iron to smooth it out. Something I have never had to do. Ever. Once I became pregnant with Ruthie I hoped that maybe it would start to grow straight again. Well, it didn't, so naturally the waviness kept growing out. So, today we have this:


I tell ya, it's just the darndest thing.

I got a much needed hair cut last week and my stylist taught me how to embrace the wave when I want to. I still have a lot to learn, and any and all tips from you wavy/curly headed girls out there is much appreciated! I bought a hairdryer with a diffuser, mousse, curl creme and hairspray. I don't like for my waves to be hard and crunchy and I feel like the mouse has a tendency to make it that way, so if you have a recommendation for a product that can give texture without stiffness, please do tell!!

The wave started in the back after Lael's birth, and then after Ruthie was born I started seeing some wavy hairs growing in the front. Notice how the sides close to my face aren't quite as wavy?...

Well, Trey and I decided that I need to give birth to at least two more children so that the hair on both sides of my head will match the rest. :)

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Thursday, August 25, 2011

a new do

Our big girl has a new do!


This was her first professional haircut, and no, I didn't take my camera. The first few minutes into the experience weren't pretty. Just wasn't the time to stick a camera in her face.

But eventually she calmed down and we got the cut I wanted. :)


I kind of can't believe that my own daughter has this haircut. I grew up with short hair and longed for flowing locks. When I would take my shirt off at night I would leave it hanging off of my head and pretend like it was long hair. My sister had the same desire, and she even asked for a long blonde hair piece for Christmas. I can still see a picture in my mind of her wearing it on Christmas morning. She was so proud. Hilarious.

When it comes down to it though, I just can't resist the bob haircut with a big ol' bow the size of her head. It's too darn cute to resist!

This is one of the dresses I made for her for the summer.
I like to call it her Sound of Music dress...


... because it looks like the curtains Maria uses to make the childrens' outfits. :)

The girl is INTO babies. I promise, more on that later!




I love my little bob headed cutie!
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Monday, August 22, 2011

ruthie girl is two months old!


Sweet one, we can't get enough of your new found smile!
You are such a delight!

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Friday, August 19, 2011

ruthie meets more family

Grandma and Big Daddy Ingram


Mimi and Gigi... 4 generations. :)


Aunt Ashley

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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

i've got sunshine

on a cloudy day


when it's cold outside,


I've got the month of May.


Well, I guess you'll say


what can make me feel this way?


My girl.
Talkin' 'bout my girl.
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Friday, August 12, 2011

sweet, sweet


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Thursday, August 11, 2011

an announcement

ruthie announcement
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Friday, August 5, 2011

a very special lady

I've always thought that it would be so neat to be an obstetrician. To bring lives into this world and to see hundreds of babies take their first breaths. What an incredibly sacred moment that is! One of my favorite obstetricians is Dr. Mary Beck. She delivered... excuse me, assisted Trey in delivering Ruthie :). She was so sweet, encouraging, and fun. In no way am I suggesting that she didn't do anything... the girl earned her paycheck that's for sure. That's all I'll say about that. :)


She is such a great doctor and she makes you feel like a friend rather than a patient which is such a great quality for a physician to have. And she's beautiful to boot!

There's something about the doctor that assists you in birthing your baby. She is there in one of, if not, THE most vulnerable, emotional, and magnificent moments of your life. And even though you may not be a part of each others' daily lives and may only see each other once a year or less, she will never cease to be a very special lady.

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Thursday, August 4, 2011

to a toddler...

... this baby doll cradle has "sit in me" written all over it. :)


Kelli as a toddler-19
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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

on the lake with people i love









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Monday, August 1, 2011

me oh my

... how life can change in a mere TWO months.
Same beach, same spot, same people, but one OUT of utero.


Lael has grown even fonder of water... if that was even possible.


She has no fear of it.


Wide open spaces are what she adores.
She would have strolled half a mile down the beach all by herself if I had let her.
But I only let her go a quarter of a mile.
Not really.
Just kiddin'.
Ahem, sort of. :)


The warm, salty air was just the ticket to get this girl into a deep slumber.







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