Thursday, August 25, 2011

a new do

Our big girl has a new do!


This was her first professional haircut, and no, I didn't take my camera. The first few minutes into the experience weren't pretty. Just wasn't the time to stick a camera in her face.

But eventually she calmed down and we got the cut I wanted. :)


I kind of can't believe that my own daughter has this haircut. I grew up with short hair and longed for flowing locks. When I would take my shirt off at night I would leave it hanging off of my head and pretend like it was long hair. My sister had the same desire, and she even asked for a long blonde hair piece for Christmas. I can still see a picture in my mind of her wearing it on Christmas morning. She was so proud. Hilarious.

When it comes down to it though, I just can't resist the bob haircut with a big ol' bow the size of her head. It's too darn cute to resist!

This is one of the dresses I made for her for the summer.
I like to call it her Sound of Music dress...


... because it looks like the curtains Maria uses to make the childrens' outfits. :)

The girl is INTO babies. I promise, more on that later!




I love my little bob headed cutie!
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  1. Precious. Looks so cute on her!

  2. So funny you mentioned your childhood, b/c before even reading I thought- WOW! Does she look just like her mom with that 'do!!

    Beautiful girl!

  3. Cute lil' haircut on her!! :)

  4. The first pic is my official favorite everrrr of the bopper... and the last pic, YOU MAKE THAT FACE!!! love it :)

  5. she is such a doll baby! love the new hair do!!!

  6. Makes her look so much older. So sweet!

  7. I just love your blog!! Your daughters are adorable and I love her new hair cut!!!


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