Friday, August 5, 2011

a very special lady

I've always thought that it would be so neat to be an obstetrician. To bring lives into this world and to see hundreds of babies take their first breaths. What an incredibly sacred moment that is! One of my favorite obstetricians is Dr. Mary Beck. She delivered... excuse me, assisted Trey in delivering Ruthie :). She was so sweet, encouraging, and fun. In no way am I suggesting that she didn't do anything... the girl earned her paycheck that's for sure. That's all I'll say about that. :)


She is such a great doctor and she makes you feel like a friend rather than a patient which is such a great quality for a physician to have. And she's beautiful to boot!

There's something about the doctor that assists you in birthing your baby. She is there in one of, if not, THE most vulnerable, emotional, and magnificent moments of your life. And even though you may not be a part of each others' daily lives and may only see each other once a year or less, she will never cease to be a very special lady.

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